If you want customers to be able to pay in your online store with their credit and/or debit cards, CloudCart offers you easy and fast activation of this payment method by setting up a Virtual POS Terminal - First Investment Bank from the Settings > Payments section of the admin panel of your store.
The virtual POS terminal of First Investment Bank provides authorization of payments with bank cards. 

Settings and activation

The steps you need to go through to activate your vPOS terminal are as follows: 

Step 1: Go to the nearest Fibank branch to conclude an agreement with the bank for the issuance of a virtual POS terminal. 

Step 2: Fibank will consider your request and if approved you will be invited to sign a contract. At this stage, you can also open a current account in First Investment Bank (if you do not have one). 

Step 3: After signing the contract by both parties, Fibank will send you an email with instructions for using the terminal. This email will contain several questions that you have to answer as follows:

  • Inform the bank that you use CloudCart as a platform for your e-shop. We work closely with the technical department of Fibank and your terminal will always be with the latest features and capabilities. 
  • Submit your store address (domain). Example: mystore.com (we recommend that you use your own domain such as mystore.com or mystore.bg) 
  • If an IP address is requested, say you are using a CloudCart module. 
  • As URLs for returning the user to the e-shop: Submit  https://payments.cloudcart.com/return/provider/fibank

You can download a template of the card data entry form here.

You can send the information to the following emails:   grosen@offices.fibank.bg и iniki@offices.fibank.bg

Step 4: After submitting this information, Fibank employees will review your request and if all goes well, you will receive an email notification with an electronic test certificate attached (for test mode). Along with the certificate, you will receive an SMS with a password for the electronic certificate.

Please note that in order to receive a virtual terminal, you must have a valid domain, an added SSL certificate, as well as have products uploaded to your site that meet the requirements of the bank. We also advise you to prepare General Terms and Conditions for your store (available in Marketing > Landing Pages in your admin panel) and register your company as a Personal Data Administrator.

Step 5: Once you have received the test certificate and the password, you need to install it on your store.

Go to your admin panel, Settings > Payments section, and click on Fibank > Configure.
In the window that opened in the Settings section, in the field for test certificates, upload the test certificate that you received from the bank from the Select file button and enter the relevant password from the SMS.
Before saving the changes, make sure you are working on a test mode. The button should look like this.
Click on the Save button in the upper right corner of your screen.
Your virtual POS terminal from First Investment Bank is set up and ready for testing. To make sure everything works correctly make a few test orders.

You will receive test credit card details  by email from First Investment Bank.  


Once you make sure that everything works, you need to write an email to Fibank at  grosen@offices.fibank.bg and iniki@offices.fibank.bgto do additional tests on their part. When the tests are over, you will receive an email notification. In an attached file you will receive a real electronic certificate, as well as an SMS or txt. file with its password to enter and install it in your store. 

You need to unzip the file you received from the bank. The JKS file is your certificate and the TXT file is its password. Place them in the appropriate fields.

When you upload the real certificate and enter the corresponding password, be sure to note that you are already working in a Live Mode. 

Please note that if you edit / replace / add products that participate in already paid orders or change the applied discounts, this may lead to a discrepancy in the amounts. 

Thus, you now have a fully functional virtual POS terminal from First Investment Bank for your CloudCart online store. If you have any questions or difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We will do our best to make the process of installing and configuring the virtual POS terminal from Fibank smooth and easy.