This particular discount is a timer that appears in the cart when the order is created, with the intention of motivating the customer to complete his order successfully. The counter is activated during the finalization of the order. After its expiration, the discount is removed and the user will not be able to use it again.

The benefits of the Discount include:

  • Encourages the user to complete their order faster
  • It reduces the number of abandoned orders, by encouraging customers to buy at a discount
  • Increases Conversion Rate by 0.8% on average

Creating the discount

1.  Go into your control panel, from the menu choose Marketing > Dicsounts > Add discount > Countdown discount.
2. You will see the following menus inside:
3. In the Discount name, enter the desired name of the discount.

4. In the Discount Condition, set the desired discount criteria.

What you add to the description box will be displayed in the discount itself.

5. In Discount target, you can define the target for the discount, based on orders, exact product, or a product category.

All discounts whose discount target is a product, product category, etc. are visualized as discounts on products. 

6. Customer groups allow for screening the groups you want to be included in the discount.

7. Lastly, the Date range allows you to set the date for when the discount would activate.

8. Discount limits - You can choose to limit the discount for a fixed number of uses. 

9.Discount limit for a customer - In this field, you can set a maximum number of times a single user can use the discount. The number of uses is reported only when the status of the orders is: Fulfilled, Completed, Pending, Paid.  

How does the discount look on my site?

Important: This type of discount, does not exclude the discounts active through Cross-sell and UpSell.

See how to create other types of discounts in this section of our Help Center.