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CloudCart is a platform with marketing tools for more conversions! You can connect your Facebook Pixel, product catalog, Google Analytics, MailChimp and any other marketing applications with just a few clicks. In this article, we'll look at some of the key marketing applications and tools you can use to optimize your store and increase your store's conversions.

Facebook Pixel and Dynamic Ads

One of the main applications that any CloudCart merchant can implement in their store in order to build a good marketing strategy on Facebook is Facebook Pixel.  

Facebook Dynamic Ads is an extremely useful marketing tool that will help you increase your sales. Through this application, Facebook promotes the products you offer to users who have visited your store and are interested in your products. All you have to do is upload your product catalog and set up your advertising campaign once, and then Facebook will continue to work for you, finding the right customers for each product, always showing the current prices and quantities from your online store. See our guide to Facebook Pixel and Dynamic Ads, as well as Facebook Conversion API (CAPI) and how to implement it with your store.

Connect Your Store with Instagram

Instagram is one of the key channels for achieving brand awareness. In your CloudCart store, you have the option to install the Instagram application, through which you can share selected photos from your social network account in a specific section of your store. This way, users of your site will be able to see and engage with the content of your Instagram account, as well as follow your page. You can preview your Instagram profile photos on your product details page, landing page, or homepage. Take a look at our article in CloudCart's Help Center - Connecting your Store with Instagram.

Property Verification via Google Search Console

In order for your store to be successful and be able to use the many useful online tools provided by Google, it is imperative that you verify your domain there! To do this, you need to verify your store with Google Search Console. The old name for this console is "Google Webmasters". After placing the HTML verification tag, you need to wait 24 hours for the verification to pass successfully.

In order to be able to verify with Google, you need to have an active domain that is set as the primary domain in your account. 

See more information here.

Google Analytics

With this tool, you can monitor and get complete information about what is happening in your store by connecting your store with Google Analytics.  Google Analytics gives you the ability to track your online store visitors, generate reports, and thus helps you build better marketing strategies. The information you see will be available in your Google Analytics Google Account.  

Learn How to Switch your reporting from Universal Analytics to the new Google Analytics 4.

As a merchant, you can increase the quality of your leads by featuring product information directly in your ads to help shoppers make informed purchase decisions. This makes shoppers more likely to complete a purchase on your site. 

Ad serving is based on Google keywords and cookies, which calculates the relevance of the ad to a search engine search or site-specific search. Ads appear on official Google sites and applications, as well as on Google partner sites (through Google AdSense). In essence, how it works is that advertisers pay for an ad when users are interested and click on it to learn more, then Google's partner sites receive a percentage of the cost-per-click. In the spirit of growth, CloudCart has developed an integration, which allows you to link your store to Google Ads Remarketing and effectively advertise your business through Google as well.

Get more detailed information on how to set up Google Ads for your store here.

Configure MailChimp

This tool allows you to target your customers through email marketing. CloudCart has integration with one of the most famous and best email marketing software - Mailchimp.  

MailChimp is one of the best platforms for email marketing automation. This app offers you dozens of features and the ability to create professional-looking templates that are easy to customize. With Cloudcart you can integrate Mailchimp into your online store and make your email marketing successful and efficient. Mailchimp allows you to automatically synchronize your customers as well as the products they order. Hundreds of different email marketing strategies can be made through this information. The platform is full of useful features that make your life easier - schedules, list segmentation, reports, integration.

See how to install and configure Mailchimp in your store in the following article - How can I install and configure MailChimp?

Social Login

Another thing that will improve the conversions of your store is the activation of Facebook and Google Login. This will facilitate the registration process of your customers. They can register in your store directly with their FB or Google accounts. Activating this login method is done by installing the appropriate applications in your store - Facebook Login app and Google Login app.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager allows you to implement HTML tags from external software on your site. An example of this is the Getsitecontrol software, with which you can generate various pop-ups in your store. In this case, they provide you with an HTML tag that you take and add to your Google Tag Manager. Read more about Google Tag here.


In your CloudCart store, you can activate different types of chats, through which your customers will be able to send you messages while they are in your store. Depending on your preferences you can install Messenger Chat, Zendesk Chat, Live Chat. You can also activate automatic messages via CloudIO - Facebook Messenger ChatBot.   The application is installed from the Apps section. After installation, you will be taken to a page to link your account to Facebook (if you have not already done so). Then, you will need to select a page to which the application is to be installed. Through the Messenger chat application, CloudIO can communicate with your users, both directly through your Facebook page and through your online store.   

Click to Call

Your customers can place an order or clarify important information about a product or order without leaving the product detailed page, looking for company contacts, and dialing a number - all they need to do is just click on the special button on your site and call. This feature is provided by VoIP telephony by connecting the Click to call service. Get the app here.

Sales Channels

CloudCart has integration with dozens of sales channels in which you can list your products and thus reach more users and increase your sales. Such sales channels are Glami, Etsy, Emag, OLX,,,, Listing your products in any of the mentioned platforms is done by generating an XML feed, which will be updated daily so that stocks and prices are synchronized. You choose whether to include all your products in the feed or certain ones.  

Email Marketing Campaigns

Reaching your clients via targeted email campaigns is crucial for your store's success. With the integrated into your store email marketing tools you can easily send mass campaigns, segment, and reach your customers at the right time. You can have regular email marketing campaigns or automated campaigns. One of the most powerful features that you can access is creating different conditions for your store visitors, so you can send them precisely targeted emails that will increase your sales.

Access additional communication channels - Viber & Web Push and SMS

Viber is a cross-platform voice over IP and instant messaging software application which is one of the main communication channels through which you can send offers to your subscribers with CloudCart Campaigns. This flexibility to have an additional well-established communication channel allows you to speed up your store's growth and make more sales. Of course, you can also add Web Push notifications and even powerful SMS marketing to your list of channels which will result in a solid omnichannel communication strategy that will boost your revenue.


With the BumpCart app, it is possible to increase the AOV (Average Order Value). The app aims to understand the goal of the merchant and on this basis to offer products that will fill the price of the order until the goal is reached. The goals of the app can be Free shipping for amounts above a certain value, a Discount when a certain value is reached, a Minimum order price, or a Goal to increase AOV.

Landing Pages

The Landing Pages Builder empowers you to craft a personalized design, transforming the created pages into impactful landing pages for your business. Whether integrated as a new homepage or showcased as a Thank-You page following a successful order, a Landing Page offers versatile functionality. With these options, your store can effortlessly refresh its appearance, staying dynamic and competitive in the market.

CloudCart Reviews 

Although CloudCart Product Reviews is a separate application, it integrates deeply with CloudCart Campaigns. You can request reviews from your customers who have bought a product or used a service through a variety of communication channels, thanks to the CloudCart Campaigns.

CloudCart Analytics

CloudCart Analytics grants you access to valuable information, enabling the optimization of marketing campaigns and the enhancement of traffic and sales in your store. With the integrated analytics functionalities that leverage first-party data and work seamlessly with your store, you can access all of the important data for your business right from your admin dashboard.

CloudIO AI Assistant

CloudIO is an innovative AI tool integrated into the CloudCart platform, which serves as your AI assistant accessible from your admin dashboard. It aids in creating or enhancing store texts, including product descriptions, meta descriptions, and category pages, improving SEO and enhancing the user experience for store visitors, leading to increased sales. With CloudIO, filling your store with quality text becomes fast and easy. Choose to write individual texts or bulk-create descriptions for entire categories. Even with minimal or zero product characteristics, CloudIO utilizes its cutting-edge VissionSense AI skill to generate detailed descriptions by analyzing product photos.