is a popular platform for comparing prices and products, a project of Net Info, the largest digital company in Bulgaria. In it, each user can compare the prices of tens of thousands of products with detailed features, photos, videos and reviews and thus choose the best offer for themselves. provides online merchants with access to rich real-time statistics and ongoing advertising campaigns to ensure quality traffic. The platform offers its users over 100,000 products from 200 online stores. 

In this section:

What are the main advantages for users if they can see your products at

  • Easily compare products on many parameters at once with the option to hide the same characteristics
  • Find stores of reliable merchants
  • Search among offers that have been checked for the accuracy of the information
  • See reviews for stores and products from already shopping users 
  • Receive notification from the platform when the price of a desired product falls below a threshold set by them

All this can help you make more sales if you upload all or selected products to You can do it quickly and easily with just a few clicks. 

Generate a product catalog for

1. Go to your admin panel, Apps > All Apps section, select and press the Install this app button. 

2. In the first field of the window that opens from the drop-down menu select which products you want to import to - all products, products of specific categories, products by specific brands, specific products, products with specific tags or specific smart collections. 

3. Filter the products you want the product catalog to contain by selecting whether to take only available products or include all products.

4. Choose whether to include the products that are hidden in your store.

5. We advise you to add UTM tags, through which you will be able to analyze the results generated from the product catalog (feed). UTM tags are add-ons (parameters) to the URL that are used to exchange additional information without changing its main purpose - to point to an Internet resource.


Once you have saved the settings a link will be generated, it is not generated immediately, it is necessary to wait a while, then it will be shown in this way here: 

Information about the number of products that will be included in your XML feed, as well as the number of products that your plan allows, will be displayed. If the number of products contained in your XML Feed is higher, you can increase your quota from the corresponding button. (The button is visible only if the number of products that the XML feed needs to generate exceeds the number of products included in your package)

500 products are included for the StartUp plan, 2,500 for the Business plan and 10,000 for the Enterprise plan.

From the Edit settings button, you can go back to the settings if you want to edit any of the fields.

Activity status gives you information if the app is active. If for some reason, the app has stopped working, a reactivation button (Start job) will appear, from where you will be able to start it again.  

Once the link has been generated you need to go to the platform and enter the necessary information. 

The XML product catalog is regenerated every 12 hours.

How to upload your product catalog to

1. To upload your products to, you need to register as a partner on the site. Go to the site, select Login for partners (Вход за партньори) and follow the instructions to register if you haven't done so already. When registering, you need to fill in your company details and then confirm your email address. 

2. Once logged in, you will see all the necessary menus on the left. Select Stores (Магазини) and from the Add store (Добави магазин) button add your store.  

In the process of adding, first enter the name and URL of the store and upload a logo, and in the second step, insert the product XML feed from your store. 

Then follow the remaining steps to add a store. 

3. With an already added store, you can also upload an XML feed from the Feeds (Фийдове) menu. 

This is all you need to do to upload your products to so that they reach even more users.