This is a powerful tool that will help you obtain and analyze valuable information about your sales and assist you in optimizing your business.

CloudCart Analytics provides you with access to information that can be used for more effective marketing campaigns and increasing traffic and sales in your store. The data you have access to includes:

Total number of sales, orders, customers, visitors, Conversions, funnel conversions, abandoned cart rate, Average customer value, as well as order value, Best-selling products, Best-selling and most visited product categories, Most visited pages in your store, Total order amount based on traffic source, Number of visits based on traffic source, Sales and number of visits based on location, Total visits and number of visits based on traffic source type, Most commonly used product and total order value discounts, Information about the distribution of orders falling within their accumulation range;

Important! In order to make the most of the service and receive more accurate and relevant results from your store's analyses, it is necessary to choose the industry that your business falls into. This will be the default niche and will be used for calculating future analytical data for your store.


To see all the data for your store, log into your admin panel, go to the Reports section, and select Analytics.

1. The industry of your business should be selected from the Settings section. If you have chosen an inappropriate industry, you always have the option to change it through Settings.

We do not recommend making this change frequently, but only if you made a mistake in your initial selection.

The data for the main industry you have chosen is updated weekly. This way, you can orient yourself in relation to competitors in the same industry. 

Some metrics are influenced by the parameters you set in the Settings section


2. By default, the set statuses are: Paid, Fulfilled, Pending, Authorized, and Completed. You can always change your selection and choose different statuses based on which the data will be visualized. You have the option to visualize data based on one or multiple statuses.

The statuses are similar to the ones you are familiar with in the Orders menu. 

If you have chosen different statuses, you can always revert to the default statuses using the respective button. When making changes, don't forget to click "Save."

3. Show Devices

  • On - You will see additional information in percentages and the number ratio based on the version used - desktop and mobile. 
  • Off - Disables the visualization described in the On option. 

4. Show Box Sorting: If you enable this option, you can sort individual boxes in the desired order and also exclude those you decide not to display on the dashboard. If you exclude them, they will not be shown on the dashboard.

Comparison options

1. No comparison: Shows data without comparison for a specific period.

2. Compare: Previous Period - Shows and compares data with the previous period. In this case, if you choose "Today" as the data visualization period, the comparison will be made with yesterday. If you choose "Yesterday," the comparison will be made with the previous day. If you choose "7 days," it will be compared with 7 days ago.

3. Compare: Previous Year - Shows and compares data with the previous year. In this case, if you choose "Today" as the data visualization period, the comparison will be made with the same day of the previous year.

If you choose a comparison period, the date/period with which it is compared will be displayed in each box of the individual metrics.  

Please note that there are certain limitations regarding data visibility for a period, depending on the subscription plan you are using:
 - Starter Pack - 1 month
 - CC PRO - 3 months
 - Unicorn - 12 months