Viber is a cross-platform voice over IP and instant messaging software application owned by Japanese multinational company Rakuten. With Viber, you can send free and secure calls and messages. That is why Viber is one of the main communication channels through which you can send offers to your subscribers with CloudCart Campaigns. 

In this section:

Viber Activation

1. Log in to your admin panel, go to Marketing > Campaigns > Channels > Viber, and press the Install button to install Viber and use it in CloudCart Campaigns.

After this installation window opens, press Install again, and then you will be redirected back to the channels page. 

2. Then, press the Purchase more credits button to buy credits that you will use to send messages through Viber.

You can choose any of the following feature pack options:

CloudCart charges only Viber messages that have been successfully delivered. 

3. Once you buy the desired feature pack, enable Viber from the ON/OFF button.

Viber Settings

When you purchase Viber message packages from CloudCart, your channel will send messages from the CloudCart channel enabled in Viber. If you want to send messages from your own channel on Viber, you have to go to the CloudCart partner website, sign up there and make a contract with them, pay for the service, then get the credentials and sign in here. Keep in mind that if you use your own Viber account, your minimum expenditure for the Viber channel is EUR 300 per month.

1. Click on the Settings button to open the following side panel:

To enable and use self profile, you need to have your own profile on Viber at Enter your Viber account credentials - username, password and key. For more information on how to set up a Viber account, visit

2. The System message button opens a list of all the system messages for specific events, which you can enable or disable one by one. 

You can change the content of each message by clicking on the title of the message and editing its template. You can use several variables to customize it. Below you can see the template 'When customer is created.'

Your message length limit on Viber is 1000 characters.

3. The Usage button opens a side panel with statistics about the messages limit, remaining, total and opened messages and number of clicks. 

4. The Log button when pressed opens a panel that shows you all the messages that are sent, their type and status.

Viber has become one of the most popular messaging apps. You should use it in your marketing campaigns.

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