is the largest site on the Greek market for comparing the prices of dozens of product categories of various online stores. Without a doubt, Skroutz is the number one site that Greeks trust for their online purchases. If you want to sell on the Greek market or are already doing so, then your presence on this site is a must. Your CloudCart store allows you to upload most or all of your products at that they are visible to users of the Greek site.

To send your products to this site you need to install the application in your store. Log into your admin panel, section Apps > All apps >


After successfully installing the application, you need to set the necessary settings. Uploading products from your store to is via XML Feed.

Every 12 hours such an XML feed is generated, which is transmitted to the Greek site, so that the stocks, quantities and prices of the products are always up to date.

1. In the XML feed section, from the drop-down menu you need to select which products you want to be added into your feed and forwarded to These can be all your products, products to specific categories or brands, specific products, products with specific tags, or those from specific collections.

2. In the next Filter Products section, you can filter your selected products according to their availability or choose to include all selected ones.

3. In the Hidden Products section, you can select the option to add even the products that are hidden and not visible in your store from the ON / OFF button.

4. In the next section you can enter parameters for UTM tracking to get a clearer idea of the marketing results. With UTM, you can track where customers came from when they came from an external source to your store. In our case in the picture below, in the Source field, this is Skroutz. This generates traffic to your store. In the Medium field, you can enter what type of traffic the visitor comes from (CPC, email, social, referral, display, etc), in our case, it is a CPC campaign (cost per click) and in the Campaign field, you enter the name of the specific campaign being tracked.

5. The other thing you need in order to track the results is to enter your Analytics key - it is provided by the Skroutz platform.

6. If you have (product varieties), then in the next field Size parameters from the drop-down menu you must select which one is responsible for the size and which one for color in Colors parameters.

7. In the next two fields (Availability in stock / Availability out of stock), enter text to be displayed on available and non-available products. This can be information within how many days the delivery will be completed, for products that are available and for products that are not, whether they can be ordered and in what time they will be delivered.

8. Be sure to save the entered settings from the Save button.

Once you have saved the settings a link will be generated, it is not generated immediately, it is necessary to wait a while, then it will be displayed like this here:

You will see information about the number of products that will be included in your XML feed. If the number of products contained in your XML Feed is higher, you can increase your quota from the corresponding button. (The button is visible only if the number of products that the XML feed has to generate exceeds the number of products included in your package).

500 products are included for the StartUp plan, 2,500 products for the Business plan, and 10,000 for the Enterprise plan.

Activity status gives you information about whether the application is active. If for some reason the application has stopped working, a reactivation button will appear, from where you will be able to start it again. 

From the Edit Settings button, you can return to settings again if you want to edit some of the fields. Once the link has been generated you need to go to the platform at enter the necessary information.