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As mentioned in the previous article, segments are a fundamental part of a good marketing strategy. Once created, your list of segments will be applied to any user who has any interaction with your website.

In this article you will learn how to build your customer segments according to different criteria. You will also get acquainted with the filters in the "Segments" section.

Creating a segment

Go to Marketing > Campaigns > Segments section, and click the Add Segment button to add a segment.

Keep in mind that all the conditions you create for a segment are linked with the logical "AND", not "OR," i.e. when creating more than one condition, the user must meet all the conditions to fall into this segmented group.

The filters (conditions) you create are directly related to user behaviour. To create a condition, click on the appropriate button. In the sidebar that opens, you have different options. Choose the ones you think will suit the users' behaviour to group them easily.

You have several basic filters with different subfilters to segment your customers by their behaviour.

The main filters are:

  • Product reviews
  • Order
  • Cart
  • Subscriber
  • Customer
  • View
  • Wishlist

You can create countless combinations for precise segmentation based on them, some of which we will discuss below.

All filters can be combined with each other to create segments that best suit your business and needs!

Product reviews

You must first install the CloudCart Reviews application from the Apps > All Apps section to use this filter.

All information from this application for users who have left product reviews in your store will be extracted in the Segments> Product Reviews section to use the appropriate filters.

  • Leave feedback - you can add all kinds of conditions from the corresponding button.

Let's say you can segment users by average feedback, as shown in the photo below:

If, after adding several conditions, you no longer see the ability to add conditions, then this is the end of this vertical.

You can also choose to segment by product category:

In this case, the categories you specify are related to each other by the logical "OR". This means that for the condition to be met, one of the categories listed must correspond to the product category for which the consumer has left a review.

Important! Note that when you add a product category condition, if there are subcategories to the category you selected, the products in that subcategory will not be included in the condition.

Only the final category you select is included in the condition. If there are no related products, then this condition will not work accordingly.

You can also set several conditions to apply at the same time, such as:

The review rating is more than 4 stars for products of a specific manufacturer after a certain date.

  • Send link but not leave feedback for a product- here, you have only one vertical, i.e. only one condition.

  •  Is not leave feedback before/after a period of time

See a general overview of segmentation here.