CloudIO is an innovative AI tool built directly into the CloudCart platform. Your new AI assistant can be accessed via your admin dashboard and he can help you create or improve your store texts, such as product descriptions, meta descriptions, and category pages. The app also facilitates SEO and improves the store visitors user experience (UX), which ultimately leads to more sales. 

With CloudIO's help your store can be filled with quality text fast and easy. You can choose if you want to write each text individually or to bulk-create descriptions for a whole category. And even if you don't have much characterstics (or even zero) added to your products, ClaudIO can use it's cutting-edge VissionSense AI skil to create detailed description, only by analyzing the product photos.  

At the moment, CloudIO supplies your CloudCart store with a growing collection of "skills" that can improve the persuasiveness and the informational value of your written content, optimize product descriptions, and improve the store's organic search engine results (SEO).

Installing CloudIO

Go to your admin panel and click on the "Apps" tab, then select CloudIO

Click on the "Install" button.

After installing the application you will see two sections.

The first section will show how many tokens you have access to at the moment. If you want to purchase more tokens, click the "Buy tokens" button.

From the next section, you can start managing the different CloudIO skills. You can activate skills, open the settings of the active skills, or deactivate skills.


After opening the settings panel of this CloudIO skill, you can see different statistics and perform different actions.

If you have previously started writing a product description with ShopperPen, the job will be shown in the "History" tab. You can also preview an already done description or publish it. Here you can check how many tokens had been used to write each of the descriptions.

Later in this article, you will see how to start writing texts using ShopperPen and the other CloudIO skills, directly from your product pages.

ShopperPen Advanced

When you open ShopperPen settings, you have access to one main button - "Start New Job" which will open the settings of this skill. On this screen, you can also see the previously generated descriptions in the History tab.

At this step, you can choose what action you want ShopperPen Advanced to perform and set your preferences before start writing your bulk descriptions.

From the dropdown menu, you can choose which action you want to perform. 

Here you have the following options:

  • Product description
  • Product short description
  • Product meta description

You can also add filters:

After you have picked the initial filter, in this example "Brand", then on the next field you can add the exact filtering options that you want to apply. You can also tell CloudIO if you want to avoid some of the products that don't match your criteria.

Enable VisionSense if you want to use its capabilities.

In the next step, you can activate the advanced settings.

From the advanced settings, you can determine the length of the written descriptions and also which product details you want ClaudIO to use when writing the texts

Note that "Product title" and "Category" are mandatory and always selected.

If you want your texts to be further optimized - Enable RankMaster AI.

After activating RankMaster AI, you have access to the following settings:

  • Add link "See more from the same brand" - improves users' experience and enables them to find more items easier.
  • Add a link to the product category - this option increases the chance of making more sales if the visitor clicks the link to browse additional products.
  • Turn on E-E-A-T - highly optimized for both users and SEO purposes writing frame that Google uses to determine the quality of the written content.
  • The main category for the keyword - includes the main keyword category.

At the end of the window, you might encounter a message that informs you that your tokens are not enough for the bulk writing of the texts for the selected category. 

Click on the "Buy More Tokens" button and you will be redirected to the purchase window.

RankMaster AI

After opening the RankMaster AI app, you can see the history of the previously done jobs, to preview the results and see how many tokens each of them costs.

VisionSense AI

On the page of VisionSense AI, you can see the descriptions that you have generated previously using this skill of CloudIO.


ShopperSenese is a skill that reviews ShopperPen's writings and provides a thorough report for the logic behind them. 

Here you can see for which text result you have requested a review by ShopperSense and the review itself.

Access CloudIO Writing Skills When Editing A Product

For each of the fields that CloudIO can create a text description, you will see dedicated colorful buttons. For example, to write a product description, you should click on the "Generate text" button shown below the product description field.

If you want to use ShopperPen to create a short description, then first click on the "Add short description" button.

Then you will see the short description filed with its own "Generate text" button.

At the end of the product page, you can see the "SEO meta description" field.

To generate a meta description for your product, click on the "Generate text" and add your preferences. 

How to use CloudIO's Skills, accessible directly from the product page

In the previous section, we have shown you how to create texts for your products, directly from the product page. 

Now we will explain the settings of the CloudIO's skills that you can tune when you are creating texts from the product page itself. 

To clarify, by going to the Apps tab, you can see the settings and full reports for every skill. However, the majority of these abilities can also be used straight from the product page. Also, if you haven't activated a skill from the settings page of CloudIO, then you will see a prompt and a button that alow you to activate the skill.

1. ShopperPen - This is the main writing skill of CloudIO that you can leverage in your store. To start using this skill, just click the "Generate text" button under any text field on your product page

When you start writing a description with ShopperPen, you can choose the length of the text, using the slider at the top.

Choose the style of the text that you prefer - you can pick from Descriptive or List.

At the end of the section, you can see which product detail sources will be used for the description. 

This skill automatically uses the product title and category as information sources for the text, so they are checked out by default.

2. RankMaster AI - When you have opened the settings of Shopper Pen, you can see that there is the option to "Enable RankMaster AI". To access its powerful SEO capabilities, turn the switch to "ON".

After you activate RankMaster, you will have access to additional settings.

Add link "See more from the same brand" - From an SEO perspective, including a link to the product category with a brand filter enhances internal linking, optimizes keywords, and improves user experience, potentially boosting search ranking results.

Add a link to the product category - From an SEO standpoint, incorporating a link to the product category in the description enhances internal linking and user navigation, potentially improving site authority and search rankings.

Turn on E-A-A-T - Using the Е-E-A-T method enhances content quality, bolsters website credibility, and improves search ranking potential. Read more here about Е-E-A-T.

Keywords - This field allows you to pick up to 5 keywords that best describe your product. Use popular words that people often search for on Google!

After you enter the first keyword (your main), RankMaster AI will offer you the possibility to add additional and relevant to your product keywords.

If you decide to use RankMaster (will cost you additional tokens), click on the "Get suggestions" button and you will see the suggested keywords. To add additional keywords that RankMaster will use for your product description, just click on the "+" icon in front of the desired keyword.

After you are done with your preferred settings, at the end of the section you will see a button "Generate text" and an estimate of how many tokens this description will cost

Click the "Generate text" button and CloudIO will start working on your description.

Please, keep in mind that CloudIO will operate on the background. You don't need to keep this section tab open.

3. VisionSense Ai - if you have enabled VisionSense from the settings of CloudIO, in the next section you will see the following option:

"Select which image is used for the description" - please, keep in mind that if you didn't activate this skill from the app settings of CloudIO, it won't be visible when using ShopperPen from the product page.

With VisionSense, you can allow CloudIO to use computer vision (a type of AI technology based on complicated AI algorithms) to further improve your description or even create a product description from scratch, only using product photos.

4. ShopperPen Advanced

While CloudIO is working on a single product description, you can access one of his other skills - ShopperPen Advanced which will allow you to create descriptions in bulk.

After you activate the skill, you can access ShopperPen Advanced later by clicking on the "Open" button.

As with the rest of CloudIO's skills, you can let it work in the background. When you want to check the progress or the job's history, you can just open CloudIO from the Apps tab (as we showed you at the beginning of the article) and review its progress.

5. ShopperSense Insights

When your ShopperPen description is ready, you can access an additional skill - ShopperSense Insights.

It is important to note that the suggestion to enable "ShopperSense" will only appear if this skill is not already enabled.

Below the generated description you will see the option to press the "Activate ShopperSense" button.

You can also use two additional options, first carefully review the text description, then you can choose from one of the two options - to copy the text or to click on the "Keep" button to keep the text as it is.

If you want to see the logic behind the generated description - click on the "Activate ShopperSense" button shown above. 

If you have decided to activate this skill, after doing so, you will have a new option - to click on the "Analyze" button.

Quickly after clicking the "Analyze" button, ShopperSense Insights will provide a thorough report on the logic behind the text.

After you are done with the ShopperSense report, click on the "Keep" button and your new description will be ready and visible in the Description field of the product.

As you can see in the image above, all of the crucial keywords that we selected with RankMaster are bolded and included into the description. Additionally, the links that we deemed important merged seamlessly into the description.

Once the last step is completed, you will have an improved product description that will help search engines rank your website higher and provide customers with a detailed overview of the products you sell.