SMS marketing is a simple, yet powerful communication tool through which businesses send messages via text to current and potential customers. Over 95% of SMS messages are opened and read since SMS is built into every mobile device. In this article, you will find out how to incorporate SMS marketing into your overall digital marketing strategy using CloudCart Campaigns.

In this section:

SMS Activation

1. Log in to your admin panel, go to Marketing > Campaigns > Channels > SMS, and press the Install button to install the SMS option and use it in CloudCart Campaigns.

After this installation window opens, press Install again, and then you will be redirected back to the channels page.  

2. Then, press the Purchase more credits button to buy credits that you will use to send SMS messages.


You can choose any of the following feature pack options: 


Credits are purchased for a specific time period. If you do not have any credits left until the end of the month, for example, the system will not send SMS messages for your campaigns.

CloudCart charges and counts all sent SMS messages whether they are received or not. 

3. Once you buy the desired feature pack, enable SMS messaging from the ON/OFF button.

The settings of the SMS messages (title, content) should be made when you building the logic of a campaign, when defining the steps. Once you have chosen when to execute the action and the action's type, you can set the message.

SMS Settings

1. The Usage button opens a side panel with statistics about the messages limit, remaining, total and opened messages and number of clicks.

2. The Log button, when pressed, opens a panel that shows you all the SMS messages that are sent, the segment and campaign, as well as their type and status.

 This is all you need to do to set up SMS as a communication channel and use it in your marketing campaigns.

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