In this section:

Some of the settings we will go through in this article are: cart & checkout settings, how to set up your own email, how to create different geo zones and polygons and make your settings according to them, how to add your physical stores and enable the Local pickup option and many others.

General Settings

The section is located in Settings > General Settings. In this part, you can change the logo of your store, the logo of the invoice, and the logo of the email. You can also change the favicon of your store (the icon in the tab of each store). 

In the Standards and formats section, you can change the language of your admin panel, of the customer part of the store. You can also change the currency, and all prices you enter will be displayed in the selected currency. You can also choose from different units of measure.  

If you want to have different language versions of your store, you can use the Multilingual Store app. For each language version you have a separate control panel, as your main store is duplicated in the desired language and an additional subdomain is created. This way, your customers will be able to switch from one language version to another with just one button (flag or other). You will be able to target your products of the different stores in different ways depending on the market. You can automatically sync products and stocks in your individual stores. See more information for an additional language version here


In the Store Details section, select the niche of your online business - this is an important condition for defining the categories in your store afterward. Fill in the required information such as email and store name. 

In the next Maintenance status section, you can restrict access to your store to different IP addresses. 

In the General Settings of your store you still have a lot of options. You can generate an encryption key for the administrators' session, set the proportions of the photos you upload to your site, and more. 

More information can be found in the following article - General Settings of your store.

Cart and Checkout settings

In this section, you will find information on how to set up your shopping cart so that you can maximize your sales by encouraging customers to take action and finalize their orders. As well as get the information you need about them for order processing or marketing purposes. 

See the full cart and checkout settings in the following article: Cart and checkout settings

How to create an email account with your domain name?

To build your business identity, you need to consider the email address from which you contact your customers and partners. The benefits of creating an email account (mailbox) for your domain (s) are significant. Using a personalized email address increases customers' trust in you and your business, as well as the ability to establish your brand in the market.


Having an email address with your domain name looks much more professional. Sometimes the lack of one can make your business looks less serious than your competitors'. When your domain name is present in every email you send, then you are constantly marketing your brand and building your name.

See information on how to create your email here.

How to Set up the Local Pickup app?

Local Pickup is a really useful application for any merchant who, in addition to an online store, also has physical ones. The application has two main dimensions. The first is that it allows the customers of the online store to pick up and pay for the goods at a specific physical place, which is represented by the respective store. 

Its other application is that it allows merchants to present what stock they have of certain products at different locations. Customers have access to information about where a product can be found - whether online, whether in a physical store A, B, and/or C. With the Local Pickup app you can add unlimited physical locations of your stores.

See the full article here.

Geo zones and Geo Polygons

CloudCart allows the grouping of countries into Geo Zones (regions) regardless of their geographic location. This helps you to easily set up discounts, taxes, special offers, and shipping methods in accordance with your marketing strategy.

When creating your store, you do not have any geographic areas yet. Through these geographic areas, you can define cities or countries where your online store will operate. By default, if you have not added any geographic areas, it is possible in your online store to place an order worldwide. If you want to limit your store supplies and can only be ordered to specially defined countries or even cities, CloudCart allows you to add geographic areas.

For example, you want to have a special shipping method to be used only for customers who order in London, England. Then you can add a geo zone named England and define that only the city of London enters this area. Once you have created a geo zone, you need to set in the delivery method that works for this geo zone. This will limit all customers outside of London. 

See more information about Geo Zones here

Geographic polygons are a functionality through which you can set quadrants on the map, according to which you can accept orders in your store. In this way, any possible mistakes in spelling the names of streets, neighborhoods, and even cities are eliminated. This will make it much easier and more accurate to locate your customers in order to offer them specific services according to their location.

An unlimited number of polygons can be added to a geo zone to define the desired countries, cities, neighborhoods, streets, etc.

More information on how to manage polygons in your CloudCart store can be found here


In the Settings section > Statuses you can find order statuses, as well as shipping and payment statuses. You have the option to customize the Status text boxes on your site. You can use them for clarity or comfort. You can change the fields for Orders, Shipping, and Payments. 

For more detailed information about different statuses in your store, please read the following articles:

Changing the statuses of Orders, Shipping, Payments

Product statuses

Understanding order statuses  

Order statuses at discount section


In the Settings > Translations section, all system words and phrases have been added to your store. From this section you can edit a system button, for example, the Buy button can be changed to Add to cart. All translations you see are in the language you set for your store in the main store settings. More information can be found here.


In this section, you can create different moderators to which you can give different access rights.  This can be done from Settings > Staff. The moderators you create will only have access to the tabs you allow, and the admin panel will look different for each of them.

Keep in mind that only you (with your owner account) can create Moderators for your store. Even if any of the created users have access to the Administrators section, they will not be able to add new administrators for the store.

For more information take a look at this article Adding and managing Moderators