In addition to the translations and languages provided, ClouCart also allows you to manually modify the text of individual sections of the store, including buttons and the checkout.

Where can I find the Translations section?

1. Go into your control panel > Settings > Translations
2. There you would find the sections available for translation within your store:

The different sections in Translations

1. Label - Here are described the sections and modules that correspond to the text boxes on your site. They are always in English.
2. Revert to Default - These buttons restart the translation and return the original text to the platform. Click it and click Save to return the default translation.
3. Translations - Here is where you enter the translation itself.

Changing the translations

1. In order to change any of the default translations, simply change the text in the box labeled Translate.

Example: You can change your Billing Address to an Account Address and it will now appear as an Account Address on your site.

2. Because CloudCart provides the ability to translate almost all of the text boxes in your store, they are numerous and it is advisable to use the Filters option.

Example: If you want to find all the translations for your blog, enter "blog" in the filter, and all thirty translations related to your blog will be displayed.