The Moderator section can help you manage the content of your online store. Through this option, you can add new accounts for your employees to have access to the control panel, but with limited and specific privileges.

Adding a Moderator to your store

1. Log into your admin panel and go to Settings > Staff > Add Moderator
2. Once you click on Add Moderator, the following window will appear:
Once you are redirected to the menu, you should just need to fill in the blanks, in accordance with your needs.

3. The Username and Email fields are the distinctive identifiers of the moderators. They would be able to use either one in order to login to the admin panel. The Name, Password, Address and Phone Number are the standard information fields that need to be set with every new account creation.
4. The Access Permissions box determines what kind of access would the particular Moderator possesses. Use the box to specify which sections of the control panel you want them to view.
5. After you are done click Save and you can now provide your created username and password to the administrator. This is how a new Moderator, added to your Staff would be visualized:

Keep in mind that only you (with your owner account) can create Moderators for your store. Even if any of the created users have access to the Administrators section, they will not be able to add new administrators for the store.

Logging out all moderators

Click this button if you want all users/moderators in your store's control panel to be logged out of their accounts and exit the control panel.

IMPORTANT! The creation and sending of Support Tickets can be done only by emails registered as moderators. 

If you are logged in as an administrator in your storefront, you will see a bar at the top of the screen with shortcuts "to the administration" and "log out of the administration". Keep in mind that when you log in as an administrator, your store may be slower due to disabled cache.