You have the option to customize the Status text boxes on your site. You can use them for clarity or comfort. You can change the fields for Orders, Shipping, and Payments.

Where do I find the Statuses of my store?

1.  Go into your control panel > Settings > Statuses
2.  Then you will see the sub-menus for Orders, Shipping and Payments:


1.  The first section is for Orders. There you will see the menus set by default statuses for orders.
2.  If you change the statuses, the new ones will be displayed in the orders themselves.
3.  Creating a new Status from the upper right corner:


1.  Shipping has only two options for changing statuses:
2.  You can see them in the same drop-down menu of the order itself. Order and Shipping statuses are all in one place for convenience.

1.  You can change your payment statuses here.
2.  They are displayed in the order itself:

Now, you already know how to change the names of the statuses of the Orders, Payments and Shipping according to your desires.