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What are discount statuses and how to use them?

Order statuses at the discount section or discount statuses are equal to the order statuses. Order statuses indicate whether an order is valid or not. Based on that validation in the discount section (Marketing > Discounts), you can set the order statuses which will increase the number of uses for discounters from the Statuses button.

You decide which statuses to set, but if you don't select any, the default statuses are: Paid, Fulfilled, or Completed. This way you tell the system when to increase the number of uses of the specified type of discount or not to change it at all.    

When a discount is applied and the customer's order has one of the statuses you have set, ONLY then, the number of times the discount has been used will increase, and this will be reflected in the Uses column.


Note that the order statuses does not affect the number of uses for all types of discounts. Discounts whose number of uses is affected by the status of the orders you have set are: Discount with promo code, Discount with multiple promo codes and Countdown discount.


In some cases, e.g. if you are using "Cash on delivery" as a payment method and a customer selects it in the checkout, the order status will be "Pending". In this case, if you have not selected the status "Pending", the usage of the discounts won't be increased. That's why it is very important to pay attention to which statuses and in which cases to add as order statuses in the Discounts section.