Good knowledge of the different statuses of orders is important to understand and monitor how and under what conditions the subsequent processes take place, for example - reducing the quantity, customer notifications, creating invoices and more.

Types of statuses

Each order received in the CloudCart store has three statuses.

  • Shipping (fulfillment) status - this status indicates whether an order has already been shipped or not.
  • The payment status of an order (Payments) - the type of status is determined depending on the payment method that the customer has chosen. Different payment methods submit different order statuses. In general, they are several types - Completed, Canceled, Paid, Held, Refunded.
  • Basic status of the order (Orders) - it is formed on the basis of the above two statuses.

Each order has two buttons for setting the status according to the respective criteria:

  • Payment - Mark as paid button (if the payment method is offline - Cash on delivery or BWT)
  • Shipping - Fulfill products button

The system takes the information that you as a merchant mark for an order, whether it has been sent and whether it has been paid, and thus the status of the entire order is formed.

How statuses change when certain actions are performed

Orders with PENDING status - an order can be entered with such a status when its payment is via offline payment method - cash on delivery, bank transfer.

An offline payment method is considered to be one in which there is no verification of this payment, it is not made in the CloudCart store itself, but is performed by third parties. There is only a payment request from the client. Therefore, such an order acquires the status of PENDING.

In case of an order with the status of PENDING, you as a trader should perform some action, it can be - fulfillment products. In this case, the order acquires a new status FULFILLED. The customer who placed this order then receives an email notification that the order has been sent to him.

In the picture below you can see a simple order status flow diagram:

Reducing the quantity of goods depending on the status of the order

The quantity of products in the store, part of this order could change if in the Cart & checkout settings, Processing orders section, for the option "I want to decrease product quantity when the status is " you set the product quantity to be decreased when the order status is Pending /Fulfilled. You can also set the quantity to decrease only if the status is Paid or/and Fulfilled.

  • If you select the option to decrease the quantity when the order status is Pending /Fulfilled this means that if the order has one of the two statuses, the quantity will be reduced. When an order enters your store and it has the status Pending (most often if you work with cash on delivery or bank transfer for example), the quantity of the product/products from this order will be automatically reduced.
  • If you select the other option the quantity to be decreased when the status is Paid /Fullfilledt, this means that the quantity will be reduced only when it is marked as either Paid or Sent.

How to change the order status which has been already marked as fulfilled?

After marking an order as FULFILLED, you can change its status again by opening the order and marking it from the Mark as fulfilled button, then select another status from the drop-down menu - you can mark it as refunded, cancelled, and so on.

For orders that are already marked as Fulfilled, you cannot change the shipping address and the customer's billing address. If you still want to make certain changes, you need to mark it again as Unfulfilled.

Payment statuses

When you mark an order as PAID, its status can never be changed to "PENDING", unlike the shipping status, which you can change from "Fulfillment" to "Unfillment". But you can mark it as "refunded" if the customer has changed his mind. 

When fulfilling an order with the status PAID and send it, its main status will become COMPLETED.

If the two statuses (shipping status and payment status) are marked as FULFILLED and PAID, then the order is with the status COMPLETED.

Important: An invoice number is only generated when the status of the order has been paid or fulfilled.

From the menu, section Orders from Tools, you can select and archive all COMPLETED and CANCELED orders.

Filter by order status

You can filter your orders according to the different statuses they have.

From the menu, section Orders> Filters, from the drop-down menu select the status by which to filter the orders.

Status groups

There are two main status groups in your CloudCart store:

  • Service - these are the statuses that are part of your store by default and that you see.
  • Added by an administrator (merchant) - these are the statuses you have added to your store.

From the menu, section Settings > Statuses> Orders, in the upper right corner from the Add new status button you can add new statuses.

These statuses can be any that would be convenient for you to use and mark orders, for example, to mark an order that needs attention. You can also use the statuses you have created to filter orders and to transmit certain information through the system, for example through webhooks.

The statuses you add do not initiate email notifications to the client, ie they are not visible to the clients, but initiate the sending of a webhook. Only service statuses are sent to clients. What is a webhook, you can read here.

Dividing the statuses into three types in your admin panel is extremely useful, as this way you can track the current status of each order. In addition, this way your store software transmits information to other systems via CloudCart APIs and Webhooks in real-time.

Find out how to manage your orders here.