Geographic polygons are a functionality through which you can set quadrants on the map, according to which you can accept orders in your store. In this way, any possible mistakes in spelling the names of streets, neighborhoods, and even cities are eliminated. This will make it much easier and more accurate to locate your customers in order to offer them specific services according to their location.

Add Polygons

In order to use this functionality, you must first activate the Google Maps API Key. If you already have the API Key activated, you can add different geographic polygons to your store.

1. Log in to your admin panel, Settings > Geo Zones > Geo Polygons section. To add a new polygon, click the Add New Polygon button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

An unlimited number of polygons can be added to a geo zone to define the desired countries, cities, neighborhoods, streets, etc.

2. In the window that opens, fill in the name of the polygon - the name of the city, neighborhood, street, etc. (the name is for internal use only, it will not be visible to customers).

3. Next, you need to set the outline of the polygon you want to create by "drawing" points. You can add multiple points. To make your outline more precise, work on a larger scale on the map - you can adjust it from the +/- buttons. On the right side of the image, you have different squares from which to set the colors of the polygons so that they differ from each other. By clicking on the polygon you have outlined, you can move the points and change its parameters.

You can only have one field on one polygon, as in the picture. You cannot make more than one outline.

4. Do not forget to save the created geographical polygon from the Save button.

5. If you want to delete an already created polygon, tick it and select Delete from Tools.

6. Using the small buttons located in the upper left corner of the map, you can outline the polygon - (✓) or select the lever that will allow you to move the map until you go to the place you want to outline.

Add a Polygon to a Geo Zone

Once you have created one or more polygons, you need to create a geo zone, if you do not have one to add them to.

1. Select Geo Zones > Add New Geo Zone (the button is located in the upper right corner of the screen).

2. Enter the name of the geo zone (it is for internal use only). From the drop-down menu in the next field, select Includes only for polygon and select the polygon you have created that you want to add to this geo zone.

Once you have created a geographic polygon, you have added it to a geo zone and it to a specific shipping method (provider), when a customer in this geo zone places an order, the delivery method for that zone will be displayed in the checkout. By creating different polygons you can add them to different couriers. You can set Zone 1 to be served by one courier and Zone 2 by another.

Geo zones can be used both to define shipping methods and to create taxes in your store. See more here.

Add a Geo Zone to a specific shipping method

1. To set geo zone to a specific shipping method, go to Settings > Shipping and select the shipping method you want to set.

2. In the Shipping Regions section, turn off the Make it Global button and select the desired area from the drop-down menu.

3. When a customer in your store places an order and enters a delivery address that is within the zone to which there is a specific shipping method, he will see it as a possible option during the checkout. If you have other shipping methods that are global, then they will be visualized and the customer will be able to choose. If his address is not part of the specified zone, the delivery method to it will not be visible in the checkout at all.