Each product in your CloudCart store has a certain status - in stock / out of stock / coming soon, etc. Product statuses are extremely useful, as they give consumers the necessary information about the products you offer in your store and thus encourage them to perform a certain action. You can set different statuses for each product according to its quantity or for all products globally. Statuses determine whether a product can be purchased by the customer or, if it is out of stock, make an inquiry to you.

In this section:

Default statuses

To manage product statuses, log in to your admin panel, Products > Product Statuses section.

By default, each CloudCart store has two statuses - In Stock and Out of stock. These statuses can be edited by clicking on the status name. After performing this action, a window will open where to make the desired changes:

  • From the Status Name field, you can edit the status name. It is visible in your store.
  • Actions - means that for a product with this status the action you select will be performed - to show the "Buy" button, to hide it, or to show the possibility for the customer to make an inquiry for this product.
  • In the third field If the quantity is you choose under what conditions according to the quantity of the product to perform the action. From the drop-down menu, you have different options to choose from - less than, more than, equal to, without tracking the amount, and more. That is, according to the condition you set in this field, the action you selected in the previous field will be performed for all products with this status.

In your store, on the detailed page of the respective product that is with such a status, these statuses look like this:

For each status, especially for products with the status "In stock", the number of available products can be shown if you want your customers to see this information. This can be done by going to the My Store > Widgets > Products > Detail Information for product section.

In the window that opens, you need to turn ON the option to Show the product quantity in the status. 

This feature is useful if a product has a status of "Limited Quantity" to show the specific number. This will encourage customers to make a purchase faster, as you are showing them that there is a real danger that the product will soon be out of stock. Turned on in the store this option looks like this:

The default statuses apply globally to all products in the store for which the quantity tracking option is enabled and you have set the available quantities, except when you have manually set a specific status for a specific product, then it applies exactly. In cases where the quantity tracking function is not included, there is no limit and the customer can order regardless of the actual quantity.

Mapping default statuses

From the button in the upper right corner Map default statuses, you can choose which status for available products and which for unavailable ones to apply.

These default statuses are used to determine which status to apply if different statuses have the same actions and similar application conditions.

For example, status TEST 1> with action "hide buy button"> provided "quantity 0" and status TEST 2> again with action "hide buy button"> provided "quantity less than 1". Because each product can only have one status, the default statuses determine which of the two statuses applies. The default statuses take precedence when deciding which status to apply.

Add statuses

In addition to the default statuses that are in your store, you can create additional ones from the button in the upper right corner Add new product status.

1. In the window that opens, in the Name field of the status you need to enter the name of the status you are creating. This status will be displayed on the detailed page of the products that meet the conditions for this status.

2. In the Action field, from the drop-down menu, select the action you want to perform for the status you are creating. Show the "Buy" button on products with this status, hide the "Buy" button - the button will not be visible to customers and they will not be able to add this product to their cart.

If certain products are not available at the moment, but you do not want to remove them from your product listing, because they will be available again at a later stage, you can add an action, the "buy" button to be hidden so that they are visible to customers or select Show status as query. This action will add a button from which users will be able to inquire about a product. The button will open a window in which customers can leave email and names and send a request.

3. In the field If the quantity is - you set the condition under which the set action will be performed for the status created by you.

Once you create a status for products, all products that meet the quantity condition of that status will automatically accept the action and status name.

Manual assignment of statuses

The default statuses that apply globally to all products can be replaced with manually added ones in the details of products of your choice.

When you add a product to your store, it has no status set. You can manually set the created statuses or the default ones, and only then the product will be displayed with the specific set status. This is done by going into the details of the product and setting a specific status when it is available and when the product is out of stock, which is applicable to this product. Then the status you have selected will be applied to the specific item, not globally. The default statuses apply globally to all products that do not have manually added statuses.

To set a specific status for products, you must first enable the "Quantity tracking" option and turn off the "Continue selling" button to select the product status when it is not available.