To build your business identity, you even need to consider the email address from which you contact your customers and partners. The benefits of creating an email account (mailbox) for your domain (s) are significant. Using a personalized email address increases customers' trust in you and your business, as well as the ability to establish your brand in the market.
Having an email address with your domain name looks much more professional. Sometimes the lack of one can make your business look less serious than your competitors'. When your domain name is present in every email you send, then you are constantly marketing your brand and building your name.

In this section:

You can create mailboxes for each domain you have added or bought. For example, if your domain is, you can create an email address

How do you create an email account for your domain?

1. Log in to your admin panel, from the menu, select Settings > Emails. In the upper right corner, click the Create New Email Account button.

2. Then you need to select the domain to which you want to create an email account, enter the necessary data, and click Save. From the drop-down menu in the Quota field, you can select the size of the mailbox - it can be from 1GB to 20GB.

3. Your email account will be created immediately! You can see all the settings options in the photo below:

4. To access the email itself, click the Webmail button, which will redirect you to your mail.

5. Inside, your mail looks like this and you can use it right away.

Additional settings

1. From the Password button, you can change your password.

2. From the Quota button you can increase the quota of your mailbox. The price depends on the space you want to have:

3. If you want to set up your emails so that you can use them through other external applications (Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mail, etc.) or on your mobile phone/tablet, you can get the necessary setup data from the Instructions button. They look like this:

SMTP server address

SMTP server port


SMTP connection security


IMAP server address

IMAP server port


IMAP connection security


4. If you purchased your domain from CloudCart, you do not need to do anything extra, but if it is NOT purchased from CloudCart you have to manually do some additional settings to add DNS records. To do this, go to the admin panel in your account on the site from which you purchased it and add the necessary records, which look like this: