Segmentation can also be performed at a cart level. You can differentiate your customers according to the cart amount, the payment or shipping, or an abandoned cart.


You have the option to create a variety of conditions for the needs of your business:


Here you can choose specific customers or leave the field blank. In both cases, you can add different conditions:

According to the customer's country (you can also select specific cities), customer's group, registration date and customer tag, you can create different combinations:


Cart product - you can select specific products and add additional conditions such as a product amount, average cart value, vendor, etc.

Here, too, combinations and conditions can vary according to your goals. In the photo below, you can see an example option:

Important! Note that when you add a product category condition, if there are subcategories to the category you selected, the products in that subcategory will not be included in the condition.

Only the final category you select is included in the condition. If there are no related products, then this condition will not work accordingly.

See also other ways of segmentation in this section of our Help Center.