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Why customers can't see the Upsell and Cross-sell offers I've created?

If the offer you created is not displayed, check its start and end dates in the settings of the offer itself. Each offer you create must have a set start date of validity.  

Also, make sure that your offer is not in test mode (sandbox). When an offer is in test mode, it is only visible to logged-in store administrators.  

More information about Cross-Sell and Upsell offers can be found here.  

Why is the information about the reduced prices of products from the XML feed not synchronized correctly? 

Make sure the job you want to sync is active, not a draft. If you start editing a job and get to the second step but do not fully complete it, the job remains as a draft. 

 In order for discounted prices of products imported via XML to be active, be sure to add a discount to the job in step 1. 

Please note that it takes time in the store from which the information is provided to generate an up-to-date XML feed. This takes some time. If the synchronization passes before the latest XML feed is ready, the current price reductions will not be visible, they will be reflected in the next synchronization. See more here.    

Can I create a loyalty program for accumulating points and discounts? 

You can create a Customer Group (for example, Loyal Customers), then in Marketing > Discounts create a Fixed Discount to apply to the desired Customer Group. There is currently no option to create a virtual card to collect bonuses or accumulate points.  

When I enter a discount code, I receive an Invalid code message. 

If your discount is for a specific amount, the discount given by the respective code must not exceed the amount in the cart. That is, if the discount is EUR 100, the amount in the cart must be at least EUR 100. Please note that the shipping cost is not included in this calculation and is not subject to a discount through a discount.

Can I set a different discount for certain products from a category to which a discount has already been created? 

If the products whose price you want to reduce are already included in some discount (i.e. -50%), valid for the whole category and give them another discount other than this, (i.e. -30% ), then in the storefront the price with discount -50% will be displayed. The system always offers the best price to the customer. 

Can I edit the product price if I have already received an order in my store? 

Yes, the product price can be edited after the order has been placed. To do this, you must first remove all discounts applied to the order and then change the value with the one you want. The removal of the discounts, if any, is necessary because even if you change the price, it will not be generated. It will be recalculated and the original price will be retained. If the order is prepaid you will need to mark it as pending in order to make changes.  

Can I create a quantity discount only for a certain variant of a product? 

The quantity discount works only for certain products (including their variants) and makes a discount based on quantity. That means that the discount you create will apply to all variants of this product.

The fixed discount allows you to set different promotional prices for each variant, but there are no conditions for the number of products.  

How do I set a discount to apply only to non-discounted products? 

To create a discount that only applies to non-discounted products, select  Discount with a Promo Code. Only this type of discount can be applied only in carts with products that are not with reduced prices.  

For other types of discounts, such a restriction does not apply. When several different discounts are applied to a product, customers will see the price for that product with the biggest discount.  

To make this idea happen, you can create a landing page, on which you display the desired product and create a discount with a promo code, which is clearly visible and which customers themselves add.
The other alternative is to use a link like the one below This link directs the customer to the cart with an added item an already applied discount. 

How do I set up a discount with a promo code to be applied on non-discounted products when there are discounted products in the cart?

You need to set the discount with a promo code to be applied for specific products whose price is not discounted. 

You also need to mark the discount to be applied in the cart with other discounted products. 

Can I combine two or more orders of the same customer?

The option to combine orders is not implemented in the platform, because the documentation for each order entered in the store is an important document when reporting revenues and expenses to government agencies. What you can do is create a discount with a promo code, by which to remove the shipping price, if the total amount of the orders of the customer is above the required amount of the order for free shipping:  

This discount does not have to be shared with the audience. You can apply it when processing an order for which you want to take full shipping when it was charged according to a global condition. For this purpose choose Add order discount:

How do I create a discount that applies automatically above a certain amount?

To apply it automatically when the amount of the order is above a certain amount, you need to create a type of standard Discount and in the field Discount target choose Orders over after which you enter the desired amount. 

Does CloudCart support gift cards/vouchers? 

The CloudCart platform itself has not developed a feature for customer wallet and balance tracking vouchers but through the online payment application Stripe, you could also use GiftUp and add them from there. For more information about the integration of Stripe in our platform see HERE. Also, you can use an alternative way of creating gift cards you can become familiar with here