Gift cards are a very effective marketing tool and a great way to attract new customers. When your loyal customers buy cards for their friends and families, this increases your brand awareness. Gift cards encourage customers to enter the store, browse the products and very often they spend more than the value of the card itself. Use them to increase your sales. 

To create a gift card, you need to follow these steps:

  • make the gift card as a product in your store - physical or digital

  • once an order for the card enters the control panel, see what its value is

  • create a discount with a promo code with a reduction of the corresponding value

  • send the promo code to the customer

The steps described above are not automated and you as a merchant should send the customer a physical card or email with the promo code and content at your discretion.

Create a product

In case you have plastics of real physical cards to send to an address (or courier office) of the customer, create a physical product

If you have gift cards of different values, instead of creating several products you can make one product with several variants for the different values, for example 100 EUR, 200 EUR, etc. 

To offer virtual cards, create a digital product. Digital products do not have variants, so you need to make several digital products for the different values. 

Create a discount with a promo code

Whether the product is physical or digital, when an order has been entered, create the discount itself (the card's value) in the Marketing > Discounts section, and the discount needs to be with a promo code.  For each order of a card, you need to create a different promo code. See how to create a discount with a promo code here

We advise you to create a test product to make sure everything is in order before you start offering gift cards to your customers.

As the last step, send the customer the promo code with an appropriate message to an address if you offer a physical card or email if the card is virtual.