This discount allows you to reduce the price of a product, depending on how much of it, is added to the cart.

Adding a Quantity discount

1.  Go into your control panel > Marketing > Discounts > Add a discount > Quantity discount
2.  Once you choose the discount, you would be redirected to the Settings menu:
3.  In the Discount name, enter the desired name of the discount.

4.  In the Discount condition, set the desired discount criteria.

In this particular example, if the customer buys from 1 to 4 pieces, the product will be priced at 10 EUR. If they buy from 5 to 7 the product will be priced at 8 EUR. From 8 to 14 pieces, the price would be 7 EUR, and from 15 upwards, the price would amount to 5 respectively.

5.  Customer groups allow for screening the groups you want to be included in the discount.

6.  Lastly, Date range allows you to set the date for when the discount would activate.

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