Here is what you have to do in a few steps:


Step 1: Set up your domain + SSL certificate (including installment fee)

If you wish, you can purchase a domain directly through CloudCart. You can also transfer an existing domain by following these instructions


Step 2: Install your GDPR application (with a one-time installment fee)

By installing this application, it will provide you with the necessary legal documents and the functionality to collect customer agreements. 

Step 3: Set up your payment method(s)

Take a look at this article and the ones linked to it. For a virtual POS terminal, you will need to sign a contract with a bank and have an account number, preferably after the online store is set up and functioning. The bank will send you online certificates, which you will need when setting up your payment method. It is important to note that we are not responsible and cannot guarantee when the bank will issue and send you the certificates. 

If you wish our team can provide the service vPOS terminal configuration for you, which you can purchase from your administrative panel. 

Step 4: Shipping methods configuration

Take a look at this section for shipping-related articles such as this one for a DHL setup.

Step 5: Cart and checkout setting

Follow this article and the ones linked to it to make sure your customers finalize their orders quickly and conveniently in your store.

Step 6: Google Maps API configuration

This key allows your customers to be localized and their delivery information to be automatically filled in, which speeds up the checkout process (look at this article or request the service here).

If you have questions regarding the above-mentioned setting and questions regarding how to work with the platform, you can contact our Support team by:

We also strongly recommend checking out the rest of our articles in the Help Center.