When creating your online store, one of the first and most important steps is choosing a convenient payment method to make your customers choose your store and complete their orders.

Often, setting up and activating a virtual POS terminal makes it difficult for merchants or takes up valuable time that they can use for other purposes. That is why we offer you to do it for you. If you need assistance setting up a vPOS Terminal, no matter what type it is, you can contact the CloudCart team.

In this section:

What does the service include?

We will fully configure your virtual POS terminal, through which you will be able to receive payments by debit/credit cards. It doesn't matter which bank you work with, we can help with the configuration with each one (the important thing is to have integration with it). 

The CloudCart team will do all of the communication with a bank representative until your POS terminal is activated in your online store. We will assist you in issuing the necessary activation certificates, sending and returning them to the bank, and uploading them to your store. CloudCart will take care of all the necessary tests to make sure that the terminal works correctly and payments go smoothly. Then we will activate the desired terminal. You will now have a working payment method through which your customers can make payments and you can receive the money directly to your account. 

All communication with the bank is entirely our concern, the only thing you need to do before starting the process is to contact the bank you have chosen (one with which we have integration) and enter into a contract for the issuance of a Virtual POS Terminal. 

In the Settings > Payments section of your admin panel, you can see a list of all our partners. 

What should you do?

To perform the service, we will need you to provide us with the name of your company, the name of the bank with which you have signed a contract, and the person for contact. You need to inform the bank that we will communicate with them on your behalf while we make the necessary settings and will manage the whole process of activating the terminal. 

How to request the service?

To request the service log into your admin panel, click on the store name in the lower right corner of the screen, select All services, section  Store setup, choose vPOS Terminal Setup.

The other way is to contact your Key account and inform him that you want us to make the settings or request the service from the button below