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Why, when sending an email notification for an abandoned order, it subsequently disappears?

The system deletes the abandoned cart under the following conditions:  

  • The customer has not placed an order within 7 days of the last notification that has been sent
  • The customer has placed an order within these 7 days 
  • The customer has removed the products from his cart

How do I delete an order?

Orders that have entered your store, whether test, canceled, or otherwise, cannot be deleted from the system, but they can be archived not to be included in the list of other orders. If necessary, you have the option to unarchive them while their status remains unchanged. 

Can I create an order in my store when the customer has left his data in another communication channel (FB/Instagram)?

Yes, in the administrative panel of your store, you can place orders on behalf of your customers in compliance with all legal provisions (GDPR) by sending them a link to the order so they can complete it familiarizing themselves with the terms & conditions, the marketing policies and all other policies of your store. More information about this option you can see here

If you communicate with your customers on social networks, you can easily send them a Direct purchase link, with which they can quickly and easily complete their order. 

How do I filter my orders?

If you select the 'Orders' menu, you can set a filter at your discretion and remove all filters, thus displaying all orders. For example, orders can be filtered by the order's status, payment status, payment method, shipping method, customer, customer group, and others. You can also archive orders; this way, they will not be included in the sales reports and will not be in the list of other orders. 

Detailed information about working with filters you can see here.

Why can't I see the list of all orders in the store?

To see all your orders, you need to remove the applied filters. The orders that have entered your store can be filtered by different criteria. 

Detailed information about working with filters you can see here.

Can a Quick order be completed only with the customer's phone?

No, the email address is required to create an order on the platform. The order status information is sent as an email notification to the customer. 

Can I change the name of the page that the customer sees when the order is completed?

Yes, from Translations in the Settings section, you can change the names of all translations of the different pages: 

Why, when a customer shops as a guest, the system saves him as a registered user?

This is a cart setting which you can change. From the Settings section > Cart and checkout, you can turn off the automatic conversion of a guest user into a registered user. 

Why my customers can't make orders above EUR 5 000?

If you cannot receive orders above this amount, the reason for this is that you have set up as payment method only Cash on delivery. There is a law that forbids payments in cash for amounts above EUR 5 000. 

Why can't I see the canceled orders?

Orders with the status 'Canceled' are not present in the list of other orders. However, you can see all canceled orders by using the appropriate filter. 

Why does the option Localize me not work properly when completing an order?

For Google Maps and the localization option to work properly you need to have correct settings when generating an API key. This error occurs when the API key has expired. In this case, it is best to create a new one to put in your store. In this article, you can see described in detail all the steps Create a Google Maps API Key for CloudCart

Why does an order with a Fulfilled status not change to Completed after I have received CoD?

The automatic recording of paid cash on delivery/postal money orders happens several times a day. However, if the order still isn't marked as paid, there are two possible reasons: 

  • You have reached your plan limit. When you reach the limit, you will receive a system notification in the notifications section (in the administrative panel at the bottom left). 

  • No information about the paid order has been received. In this case, you need to wait until information about the order is received so that the system can mark it. 
If you don't want to wait and you have fewer orders, you can mark your order manually. This is done in the order editing pane from the Mark as paid button

How do I edit the text in the cart when completing an order?

You can edit this text from the section My Store > Widgets > Others > Checkout text.

Can I export my customer base to a CSV file? 

Yes, you can export your customers from Customers > Export Customers. The export is in CSV format.  

Can the shipping method tabs in the shopping cart be closed?

Yes, this is a setting you can change from Settings > Cart and checkout. If you choose 'Select,' i.e., without shipping by default, both tabs will be closed. If you choose pickup from an office of the shipping provider or shipping address - the respective tab you have chosen will be open. ,

Can an order which has been paid and received through CoD be automatically marked as paid?

Yes, you have such a setting in the widgets of Ekont and Speedy, which you can activate. The setting is Automatically set order status to paid. So, when activated, every time a shipment with Cash on delivery is received successfully, the order is marked as Paid. 

Keep in mind that the Business plan provides 50 free synchronizations per month. 

How do I remove the Google map from the checkout?

To remove the map, log in to your admin panel. Then, in the section Settings > Cart and checkout, remove the API key and mark Hide the map: