What are Direct Purchase Links?

Direct purchase links are an excellent feature that allows you to send a direct link with a product variety (if any) to your customers, regardless of the channel in which you communicate with them - it can be Viber, messenger, email, chat, phone, etc. Instead of sending the product page and waiting for the customer to find and choose what he is looking for by himself, you can winkle out the information you need and then send him a direct link to the desired product. (variety).

When you send such a purchase link to your customer and he opens it, the product is automatically added to the cart, and he is referred to the last step in the sales process - the checkout. In this way, by reducing the time and steps to make a purchase, you make it easier for the customer and increase the chances of this customer to purchase the product directly from the link you sent him.

How to send such a link to a client?

1. Log in to your admin panel, choose Products section, select and click on the product you want to send, and from the button Actions, located in the upper right corner of the screen, select the Create a checkout link option to create a direct purchase link.

2. After clicking on this option, a window will open in which you must select a specific variety (if there are any). Otherwise, you can copy the link directly.

3. In the field below you will see the link. From the button Copy to clipboard you can copy it.

4. The link will send your customers directly to the checkout page.

Keep in mind that through such a purchase link you cannot set quantities, ie if a customer wants to buy more than one piece of the item, he must add the rest to his cart by himself.