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Sometimes you have to manually create an order in your store on behalf of your customers. In cases where a customer has placed an order by phone, chat, in person, social networks, etc. you can manually add this order to your store to make sure all your orders are included in your reports. In addition, with digital payment methods, you can send a checkout link to the customer to complete his order. This way he will be able to get acquainted with and agree to the general terms and conditions of your site and you will comply with all the requirements for online trading.

First steps to create a new order

1. Log in to your admin panel, go to the Orders section and click on the Create an order button in the upper right corner of the page. A side panel, Create new order opens up.  

2. From that side panel, you need to select an existing customer if you already have any or create a new one. To create a new customer, click on the Add customer button. Then, in the Add customer side panel that pops up, fill in the appropriate customer data and hit Save. The customer will be selected automatically.

3. Next, you need to select the shipping method. There are several options depending on the settings of your store. Currently, there is a maximum of three options:

  • Shipping to address - delivers the order to the address of the customer; probably the most widely used method of delivery.
  • Choose a pickup location - pick up from the courier office, it is applicable only for shipping couriers that support this feature like ACSCourier, Fan Courier, Econt, for example.
  • In-store pickup - pick up from the merchant's store; related to the Local Pickup app - the feature will be available only if the store has installed the app.

If you chose Shipping to address in the last step, for example, you need to add the customer's shipping address. Click on the Add a new address button and fill in the details in the Create address panel. If you have connected your store with Google Maps you can take advantage of Google Autocomplete functionality. You can start typing in the Address field, and once you fill in the exact address, the system automatically fills in the rest of the fields. Just add the phone number of the customer, and you are done. 

If you select the second option - Choose a pickup location in you need to select the appropriate pick-up location/ courier office.  You need to type at least two characters to add the name of the office.  If you select Fan Courier, for example, in the second step the system will automatically select it as a shipping provider. The rest of the fields are self-explanatory. Just fill in the appropriate customer data.

If you chose In-store pickup you need to select from the drop-down menu at which one of your physical stores your customer will pick up the shipment and fill in his details in the appropriate fields.

Learn more about the various courier services we have an integration with here. 

Adding a product

1. After you have added a customer, a shipping method, and a shipping address/location, click on the Next step button to add one or more products to the order. An Add product side panel opens up, which allows you to add products. Carefully check the quantities of products you are adding to the order.

2. When you select a product, in the window that opens up, you can specify the quantity of the product you want to add, you can view the full information about the product, and you can even override the price. If the price is 130 euro, you can set it to 100 euro, for example. Then click on the Add button.

The product has been added to the order. And if you want to add more products, you just need to click on the purple plus button in the middle of the order. The Add product side panel shows again and you can select another product to add to the order.

3. You can change the products that have been added to the order by pressing the purple wrench icon in the upper right corner of each product. You have the option to add a product discount, edit the product quantity and/or price or delete a product. 

Adding a billing address

1. If you go to Settings > Cart and checkout, you have the option to turn on or off the setting 'Don't ask for billing address.' If you want to collect billing addresses, which will allow you to create invoices, you need to turn off that feature, then you will be able to create an order and select a billing address. In the Billing address box, click on Add address.

Choosing payment methods

1. You can choose available payment methods for orders created through the administrative panel by going to Settings > Cart and checkout > Miscellaneous > Payment Methods. Select the payment methods that you want to use from the drop-down menu and click Save. Only the payment methods you specify here will be able to be used when creating orders from the admin panel. If you do not specify any method, you will be able to choose from all the available payment methods that you have activated in your store.

More information about the different payment methods you can use in your store can be found here.

Finalizing an order

1. Every order you are working on, which is not yet finalized, is saved as a draft. To change its status, you just need to click on the eye icon next to it and the side panel for that order will open up. You can also click directly on the order name to make changes to the order. 

2. To finalize an order you need to select a payment method. There are two possible scenarios:

  • Offline payment methods e.g. cash on delivery, pay at store, or bank wire transfer - you do not need to ask the customer to finalize the order manually at your storefront. Once you are ready, you can click on Create order. This will create the order with a Pending status and the system will send a welcoming message to the customer with login credentials. The customer will also receive an email with the newly created order. There is no need to take any further actions. Once you are ready to fulfill the order, you click on Fulfill products, select the shipping address of your customer, and press the Generate Waybill button. When you are ready, click on the Mark as paid button and that order will be with a status of Completed. The customer will receive all the emails that are related to his order, for example: 'Your order is on the way'.
  • Digital payments like PayPal or Stripe, or Braintree - the order will be created and saved as a draft until it's finalized by your customer. In that case, you need to send a notification to the customer to ask him to finalize the order online. It is really useful to have that feature because you can request from your customer to accept your Terms & Conditions and Marketing Policies or any other policies that are related to the compliance of your store. Now a new button appears – Create order and send to a client. The other option – Create an order – is still available. 

The button Create order and sent it to the client will create a link and/or send an email to the customer. The email will be sent using a template, which you can find in Marketing > Omnichannel > Email templates > Order Confirmation.

The button See order details, which corresponds to the “{$site_order_link}” variable will send the customer directly to the checkout process with all the preselected fields and he just needs to accept the terms and finalize the order. 

Back in the order, please note that the option Notify the client in the upper right corner of the page is disabled until the order is created. Right now the order has a status of a draft, it has not been created yet and will not be included in the reports. When you do click the button Create order and send to the client, the checkout link will be generated and you will have the option to send an email to the customer by clicking on the Send an email button. Once you send an email, the button will be disabled as you do not have the option to send multiple emails. If you are speaking with your customer through chat, for example, you can click on the link and the link will be copied, and you can paste it directly through any chat program. If you send the customer an email, he will receive one email, informing him that he needs to take action regarding the order. The customer needs to press the button See order details and he will be directed to the page where he has to finalize the order. Once he has picked a payment method and accepted the terms, the customer needs to complete the order, and make a payment. Now the order will be marked as Paid. When you are ready to fulfill the order, you just need to click on Fulfill products and make your waybill.

Important! If you create an order and you don't send it through the application to your customer's email, your customer will not receive a notification that an order has been created. That is because we assume that you are creating the order on behalf of your customer and your customer is aware that the order will be created. That is why we are not sending an email notifying the customer that an order has been created. 

Filtering orders created by admin

Another feature that is really useful for managing orders is the ability to filter the orders that are created by the administrator of the store. Choose Filters and select Created by admin from the drop-down menu, this means that you can see all orders created by the administrator.

You can also filter orders based on their draft status.

Canceling an order created by the admin

When you have created an order manually, you can see the details of this order and access it through the Orders tab from the navigation menu. When you open the order, you can see its status. 

If the order is not processed and you need to cancel it, you can do that by accessing the dropdown menu at the top of the page.