Filters allow you to show only а subset of information, restricting the span of search and results you may find. They can be applied to products, categories, discounts, customers, and other types of data that can be displayed in your store management area.

Selecting the filter parameters

To create filter criteria you need to select which parameters you want to use to filter your results. The main selection is based on the field parameter (field name or parameter), the operator ( is/equal, is not/not-equal, more or less if a number value, yes or no, etc.) and the field value.

1. Click the Filters dropdown

2. From the Filter results window, add the field parameters    

3. If required, select the operator

4. If required, select the field value

5. Press Add Filter
You can add more parameters to your filter criteria by repeating the same process as described above. You can also clear your current search filters by pressing the Clear filters option. You can also add previously saved filters to your criteria.

Saving your filter selections

Saving your filter selections allows you to use the same filter criteria at a later stage, the created filters remain saved on your online store.

Using your saved filters

To be able to use a previously saved filter, you can use the Saved filters dropdown box. This will show all saved filter criteria and by pressing one you can immediately load them on your page. If no saved filters are available a “No saved filters” will show on the drop-down box.