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In this article you will find information on how to track and manage the orders in your store. In the orders section in your online store you have the option to filter them and easily track the stage of their processing. In the detailed page of every order you have tools for editing, deleting and adding products, discounts, shipping address, and other useful options. 

Once a customer has placed an order in your store, you will receive an automatic notification email about this activity (learn how to manage automatic emails here). You can see all updates showing the number of pending orders you have in My Store > Orders. When you enter your orders, you will see this basic information about every order.

Keeping track of your customers’ orders

Log into your admin, from the menu choose Orders and you will see all orders made on your online store.

  • Order #
    This is the Order ID (example Order #1) and it is automatically configured.
  • From
    This is the name of the Customer, who placed the order and information about the number of his orders.
  • Address
    The City and Country are listed for the Order
  • Date
    This is the exact date and time of placing the Order in your Store.
  • Fulfilment
    This field signifies the delivery method.
  • Receiving
    Here you can see the Date and the delivery note for each successful order
  • Order Status
    Every new Order starts its process with a Payment Status of Pending, which changes either automatically or manually (depends on the payment method chosen by the Customer).
  • Total
    This is the total price of the Order.

When installing the Membership app, in the Orders section you will have access to a new Subscriptions menu. It contains information about the client name, the purchased digital product, the names of the pages the customer has access to, until what date they are active and what is their status - active or not.

Quick view of orders

You have the option to quickly review orders. A useful option that will save you time, especially when you have a large number of orders in your store. By pressing the button shown in the photo below (eye) you will see a sidebar with all the information about the selected order. From this panel, you can edit the order, cancel it, print it, or view the invoice to it.  

You can control which Orders you want to be shown with the Filters at the top of this page. Check this article to read more about managing Filters.

Processing Orders

Managing and processing orders are easy and fast by opening each of them. Depending on the processing of orders their status will automatically change. On the detailed page of each order, you will see the following additional information

In the top bar of the detailed page of the order, you see the order number, the date of receipt, its status, a button to the order invoice, a button for creating a credit note (in case there is an invoice for the specific order), a button from which you can send the customer a link to his order if he wants to change the method of payment or pay his order, as well as a button to print the order. 

The following information consists of the products that are ordered, their price and quantity. You can adjust each of the products and the discounts using the button at the end of each line. If you want to add more products or new discounts to the order itself, select the + button

From the same two buttons - the one at the end of the line and the + button - you have the ability to remove discounts when such have been applied to the product and to the whole order respectively. After you press the Remove product discount button a side panel opens and you have the ability to choose which of the applied discounts to remove. 

In addition, from the button at the end of the line the amount of the product, as well as the amount of the discount can be edited.  


Meanwhile, if a discount code is applied and it applies to a product group, category, etc., the discount in the cart applies to all products included in the group. In the order, the name of the discount is visualized by hovering the mouse over the crossed out initial price of the reduced product, and in the totals, the total value of the discount and its name is shown.

When the order is paid, then the option to change and recalculate the shipping price is locked. In this case, even if a change is made to the order or the order is sent, there will be no new calculation of the shipping price.

This is visualized by a red padlock shown in the picture below.

If the order has not been paid for, then the shipping price can be edited. It is visualized by the green padlock in the picture. 

By default, this setting works like this:      

  • For a paid order - the padlock is red and locked (recalculation of the delivery price is prohibited)     
  • For an unpaid order - the padlock is green and unlocked (recalculation of the delivery price is allowed)     
  • If you click on the padlock then its status changes to locked/unlocked 

Below the product information, you have options to manage the payment and shipping of the received order. In the Payment line, you see the payment method. 

If the payment method is cash on delivery or bank wire transfer you need to go back to your order and mark it as paid with the Mark as paid button as soon as you receive the amount for the order. 

If the payment method is online with a card or account in a payment method platform, the status of the order will be paid and you only need to process it by sending. If the order was made with online payment but the status is different from paid, you can use the View more button to have a reference number and payment status. In these cases, it's best to use the payment synchronization button to get payment status.

If the order has a status of pending/unpaid, you can change the payment method with some of the other available methods from the drop-down menu, as well as send the customer a link to the order to make a payment.

In the line of the shipping you see the shipping method that is selected for the specific order and with the Fulfill products button you start its processing and depending on whether a manually added shipping method is selected or a courier service with which you have activated integration is used, the following steps will vary. 

Sending with manually added shipping method - done with just one more click. It is not required to fill in the numbers if you don't have any and after sending the order it will automatically accept the status sent. 

Sending with an integrated courier service - the preparation to send here is a preview and if necessary you can edit the information in the waybill before you finally generate the waybill and it enters the supplier's system.

Refunding an Order



    You can find the refund of the respective order.

    After clicking 'Refund', you will receive a confirmation with which you will refund the amount to your customer. 

A successfully placed order is every order in which the Customers reach the last step of the checkout and click Cancel payment or Pay order. All these orders you can see in My Store > Orders.

Sometimes the Customers, under certain circumstances, do not reach the last step, but if they filled their contact details, even as Guests of your Store, you can see their orders in My Store > Abandoned. See here how to manage the Abandoned Orders.