The process that took place before the order was placed also falls into the order category in terms of segmentation.

Here you have three options to make different combinations.

Once filters are chosen, CloudCart; system will look up all customers that match that filters.

Initiated checkout but didn't finish it

This filter is suitable as a reminder for abandoned carts. You can choose between several options: order amount, order payment or shipping method, customer or order creation date, or order product.

You can create different conditions related to the order amount, the date of its creation; to filter according to the payment or shipping method, a specific customer and/or ordered product.

Remember that when you create multiple conditions for a segment, they are associated with a logical "AND", which means that all conditions must be met.

You may not select a specific customer in the "Order customer" field but add an additional condition that filters by region, customer group, registration date, or customer tag.

If you have selected an "Order product", you can also add additional conditions to it:

You can make different combinations of filters, such as the number of times a product has been included in order, the average price of the products, the quantity of the product, and more.


This filter includes everything related to orders such as:

  • Order:  order amount, date, discount on orders, payment and shipping methods, number of orders, UTM tags, order, etc.

When we talk about discounts, in this case, we are talking about Cart-level discounts (discounts that are applied to the entire order). Such discounts are: Promo Code Discount, Multiple Promo Code Discount, Countdown Order.
A condition cannot be used for order discounts that are for specific products or groups of products, of the first type of discounts.

  • Region: Order country

  •  Customer: you can select specific customers or leave the field blank and add some of the following additional conditions: customer country, customer group or tag and registration date.

Subscribers without orders

There are no additional prerequisites you can add here. According to the set criteria, the system will filter all users who have no orders.

See other ways of segmentation in this section of our Help Center.