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euShipments are international courier and fulfilment services for online stores. Thanks to the integration with CloudCart, you can expand your bussiness with key markets in Europe and reach many new customers. euShipments work in partnership with 20+ courier companies and 10 fulfillment centers. You only need 1 contract with euShipments and 1 API integration, and you work with dozens of couriers.


1. То activate euShipments in your store you must first sign a contract with them and get an API key needed for the integration.

2. Go to your store's admin panel, App section and install euShipments module.

3. Enter the API key you have received to connect to euShipments:

4. When you connect to euShipments you will see a list with all couriers available for your personal euShipments account. 

*The information in the image below may differ and it depends on what you requested when signing the contract based on your needs and the markets in which you are operating.

5. Activate selected or all couriers from the install button. Then they will be displayed in the Suppliers' list. You have to do the settings for each activated courier. 

General Settings

1. First, you have to enable the shipping provider you want to use from the list and then do the settings part.

By clicking on the shipping provider, a side panel with the settings will open. 

2. In the first section, you can change the name and logo of the delivery method by selecting another file to upload.  

Choose the type of service - to an office and to address

Depending on the courier you are setting up, select the type of service to an address/office. Some providers may offer only one of the two services.

The fields for the settings of both types of delivery to address and to office, described below are the same:

  • euShipments calculator - will automatically calculate each delivery according to the pricing conditions of euShipments

  • euShipments calculator + Processing fee -  will automatically calculate each delivery according to the pricing conditions of  euShipments and will add an additional processing fee that you have entered in the appropriate field.

  • euShipments calculator + Free shipping - will automatically calculate each delivery according to the pricing conditions of euShipments and will automatically put free delivery above the amount of the order specified in the empty field  

When choosing to give customers free delivery, keep in mind that the shipping cost to euShipments is always at the expense of the sender (merchant).

Fallback price

We advise you to activate Fallback price. Тhis is the "backup" shipping price that is applicable to the first three pricing methods (euShipments calculator/+ processing fee/+ free shipping). With Fallback price the orders in your store will be able to be fulfilled, even if the supplier's calculator does not work properly or the connection to the system cannot be established. When you enable this functionality, you have to set a backup shipping price that will be activated as needed.

  • Fixed value by price without euShipments calculator - choosing this type of service, you must manually fill in the value of the shipping according to the final price of the order.

You also have the option to set different price conditions for different product categories. To do this, enable the option from the button ON/OFF.

  • Fixed value by weight without euShipment Courier calculator- choosing this type of service, you must manually fill in the value of the shipping according to the weight of the products. Here you can also set different price conditions for different product categories by activating the ON/OFF button.

  • Fixed value by price and weight without euShipments calculator - this type of service is a combination of the previous two:

When choosing a Fixed Value without an euShipments calculator, keep in mind that the shipping cost that have to be paid to euShipments is always at the expense of the sender (merchant). If you choose the pricing to be done with euShipments calculator, you can choose which - the sender or the recipient to take delivery. 

Shipping regions

In the next section, you can set the regions to which this shipping method applies or choose to apply it globally from the ON/OFF button. If you turn off the button, from the drop-down menu you should select specific shipping regions that you have created in advance (in our help articles you can find out what Geo zones and Geo polygons are for and how to apply them correctly).

This shipping method will be valid and will be visible to customers only for the specific region (s) for which you have chosen to apply. For customers who ordered from other regions, this shipping method will not be visible in the checkout.

Payment providers

 In this section, you can choose whether this shipping method is applied globally as it applies to all payment methods you have activated in your store (ON/OFF button) or to be applied only to certain payment methods from the ones you have configured in your store (you can select them from the drop-down menu).  

Settings for receiving the shipment

In this section, you can easily enter a default value for weight for all products that do not have this data entered. This will make it much easier for you because you will not have to enter the parameters for each product separately in order for the shipping to be calculated later.

  • The default weight for one item - enter the default weight for a product. If you have not entered a weight for a certain product, the system will take into account the weight specified in this field.  
  • Who pays the shipping cost - select the sender or receiver to be the default payer. Of course, this also depends on your choice of the type of service you have chosen. If you have selected a fixed value, then the receiver cannot be the default payer. Also, if you have specified "free shipping" above, again the default payer is the sender, even if you have selected the receiver in this field.  
  • Primary account - If you have two, three or more different accounts in euShipments with the same API key, choose an account that is connected especially with this shipping provider. If in the above setting, you have chosen to be the payer of the delivery, the invoices at the end of the reporting period will be issued to this account 
  • Return documents - this setting applies to any type of document you may need to receive back from your clients - such as contracts, instalment payment documents, etc. 

  • Cash on Delivery - enable this option if you accept cash on delivery.
  • Insurance - enable the option if you want to add an insurance
  • Declared value 
  • View package - enable the option if you want your customer to view the package before paying it
  • Delivery on Saturday -  enable the option if you want your packages to be delivered on Saturdays as well. Additional costs may apply.
  • Fragile shipment - if you ship fragile items, turn this option on 

Once you are done with the settings, hit the 'save' button. This shipping provider is ready to be used. Activate the rest of the couriers in the same way.