With zip codes into geo zones the system can calculate the shipping cost based on the delivery addresses' zip codes. This is an advanced feature suitable mostly for companies which have their own shipping method and use own transportation services. This way, you can make adequate calculations based on the zip codes of the regions you deliver to. To do this, you need to enter the postal codes you want, separated by commas, or set a series of codes by entering the first and last codes and separating them with an ellipsis (4 dots) or an asterisk (*). You can see examples later in the article.

In this section:

Create a new geo zone

To use this functionality, go to your admin panel ->Settings -> Geo Zones and add a new zone from the corresponding button.

Add the geo zone name (for internal use only), select "includes only post codes in a country" from the drop-down menu, and then choose the country and add the zip codes. 

There are three different ways of adding postcodes:

  • Range - enter the first and the last postal code of the region you want to set this geo zone for and put an ellipsis (4 dots) in between (1000....1200);
  • Enumeration - list the codes that of the region you want to set this geo zone for, by separating them with commas; 
  • Postcodes containing a wildcard -  you can also use wildcards, e.g. 100* means that all codes from 1000 till 1009 are included; 10** means that all codes from 1000 til 1099 are included;

 Once you have set the zip codes, hit the 'Save' button to continue.

Assign geo zone to a shipping method

Once you have created geo zones, you need to assign them to a shipping method so that the price can be calculated accordingly and later to be displayed in the checkout as a shipping option.

Go to Settings > Shipping > Add Shipping Method.

In the settings window: 

  • enter the shipping method name 
  • turn off the "global" button in the "Shipping regions" section 
  • select the zone you want to include from the drop-down menu 
  • enter the shipping cost

How does it look in the checkout?

When the zip code of the customer's delivery address falls within the perimeter designation he sees the created shipping option:


If the shipping address is outside this perimeter, delivery will not be possible. 

*If you have other shipping options enabled, e.g. integrated methods (DHL, Speedy, Econt), then they will appear as an option.