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Can I customize my store homepage?

Yes, you can create a fully customized page and make it your homepage. You have different widgets available, which you can integrate - product showcase, showcase with category/manufacturer, images, and more.

Why do I get an HTTP error when trying to upload a file?

If the file size is too large, you will get an error and not upload it. Reduce the size and try again. Keep in mind that uploading large files will create inconvenience for users with mobile devices. 

Can I export my products to a CSV file?

The platform offers two options for this purpose - through the Google Sheets application, you can export your products directly in CSV format. The other way is to install the XML Feeds Generator application and download the catalog as an XML. You can then convert this file to CSV format. You can use a converter of your choice for this purpose.  

Is it possible to insert a widget for the last viewed products on the product page?

The Echappe theme supports a widget for last viewed products. 

Why, when importing products with a CSV, are the images not uploaded yet?

Importing images is a separate task and sometimes takes a little longer. Images are uploaded with a delay because separate servers are processing them. They are usually uploaded within a few hours, depending on the number of products you upload. If more than 12 hours have passed and you still do not have images, you will need to try again to import them and/or check for an error. You can see the import error for each item, if any, in the import error for each, Apps > CSV import > Importing products failed > Error.  
If you have connected more than one product with another, but despite this, they are not displayed on the product's detailed page, check your settings in the section My Store > Widgets from the navigation menu. Then, select Products > Related Products

You have three options to filter related products - by tag, category, and vendor. You can change the settings from My Store > Widgets > Products > Related Products

  • Filter by tag means that you have to use the same tags of the related products so that when a given product is viewed, its related products are to be by tag, i.e., they need to have the same tag as the viewed product. 
  • Filter by category - the viewed product has related products in the same category as its own. 
  • Filter by vendor - the viewed product has related products that are by the same vendor. 

Can I use the search engine on the site to search for blog articles other than products?

The search engine on the site indexes only the products. However, since the focus of every online store is effectiveness in the sales of the products offered, the design of the search engine and the platform itself are oriented towards the ultimate goal - making a purchase on the part of users.  

Can I select only certain product categories through apps such as ALSO, Polycomp, etc.?

You can select categories if you have already created such in your store. You need to point in the application's settings which category of the provider to flow into which category of yours in the store. You can change the categories you want to import, but if you remove one of them, it will not be synchronized, and you can sell something out of stock.  

Is a product duplicated when imported when offered by several distributors?

If a product is found in different suppliers, it will be found in your store more than once. There is no tool to unite them. 

How can I sort my products?

In the section My Store > Widgets > Products, you can manage the product listing settings and the arrangement of products. In the section Add 'order by' options, you can control the criteria by which your customers can sort the products in your store while viewing them.    

You can find more information in the article Widget Settings: Products

How do I change the sorting of Instagram posts that are displayed in the store?

You can choose which post to be displayed from the Instagram app, which you can access through the control panel > Apps. 

Why is the quantity of products not visible on the detailed page of the respective product?

You can turn on and off this option from the section My Store > Widgets, tab Products. Click on the widget Detail information for product. In this widget, turn on the option Show Product quantity.

Can I edit product prices using a bulk action?

Yes, the platform offers two options for processing using a bulk action: 

  • You can install the Google Sheets app and export your products in tabular form, process them, and import them back directly with a single click. You can also download your product listing in CSV format.  
  • You can install the CloudCart XML Product Feed app and use the listing as XML. You can then convert this file to CSV format. You can use a converter of your choice for this purpose. To process the prices and to import the CSV file back into the platform

Why do I have an order of a product, which I have created as out of stock?

The 'Buy' button will be hidden only when a product's quantity is less than 1. If the product's quantity is more than 1, even if the product's status is out of stock, the buy button will not be hidden, and customers will be able to place an order. To change this, go to the editing pane of the product and change the quantity to 0. 

How do I create a showcase with my new products?

You can create a product showcase from My Store > Widgets > Products > Products Showcase. Add a products showcase widget, and in the settings, mark New. If most of your products are also marked as recommended, turn on this setting as well. 

Can I set up an Upsell offer, which the customer sees, no matter what product he has added to his cart?

UpSell offers replace a given product with another with a higher value; there, you must choose the product. We advise you to use a Cross-Sell offer where you will be able to offer a product based on many more conditions: 

Can I display two products per row on a mobile version?

Yes, there is such a possibility determined by the store's theme (design). The Summer or Flair designs allow you to display two products per row. 

How do I align the products when viewing a product showcase? 

Try to keep the format of product titles identical and add title details (if any) in the product description. With every correction, if there are differences in the length of the product name, they will be noticeable when viewing the product page. 

Why do my products appear in order of upload and not according to the assigned numbering?

Check the Product listing settings in the section My Store > Widgets > Products. To sort products by numbers, you need to set manual sort, not date.  

How can I most easily change the prices of all products?

You can quickly and easily make bulk changes to the product catalog through the Google Sheets app. You can read how it works on the following page: How to make bulk changes to your product catalog with the Google Sheets app

Why is the original price not shown in the product packages but only the discounted one?

The presentation of a package of products on a category page must show one final value of a package price. This is per the legal provisions and the CPC, and that is why the CloudCart system works this way. You can add information about the price in the package title. For example - 'discounted package price' will direct the user to open the detailed page of the package where he will also see the actual discount.


How do I mark all product variants that are out of stock, so that it is clearly visible to customers?

You can mark all products out of stock in the section My Store > Widgets, tab Products, and Product listing settings. There, there is an option to mark all products that are out of stock. Keep in mind that products need to have the quantity tracking option turned on, and if the product has variants and at least one of them is in stock, the product will not be marked as out of stock. 

If you select the variants to be radio button type, every variant will be crossed out and cannot be selected. This is enough to suggest that a certain variant cannot be purchased. You can change the variant type from the section Products > Variants by clicking on the variant name. 

How do I select only certain products to import when importing XML? 

You cannot select a specific part of the file, but you have the option not to display a given product category. Besides, after importing, you can mark the products which you want as unpublished or hidden and they will not be offered. 

Can I import products in my store via an XML file?

Yes, the CloudCart platform allows XML import of products via the XML products import app. You can read more here How to Import Products from an XML file?

Why, when importing XML the discounted product prices are not reflected?

Make sure that the XML file contains information about the discounted product prices. Also, check the tags you have set for the product prices in the settings of the XML import application and if you have marked them with a tick so that they are updated at every synchronization. 

How can I get a check on the current stock of all products?

Use the Google Sheets app. You can read how it works on the following page: How to make bulk changes to your catalog with the Google Sheets app.  

How does synchronization with the XML synchronization app take place?

The XML synchronization is used for synchronization from one site to another. It may be another CloudCart store or another platform, which provides an XML file for synchronization. If you have two stores in CloudCart, you can synchronize your product catalog (including stock) via the free apps XML synchronization and CloudCart XML Product Feed. This synchronization is one-sided. This means that if you have store A and you synchronize it with store B when making a sale in store A, the stock will be reduced in store B. When there is a sale in store B, the stock in A will not be reduced. When using these two applications, you will need to take care of the stock in store A yourself. This type of synchronization is done over a certain period of time, meaning that it does not react to events (for example, a sale or a change of a given product's status). 

How does the synchronization with the CloudCart synchronizer app take place?

The CloudCart synchronizer app is used to synchronize stocks in real time. It is installed in one of the stores, and the other store or stores are set in it. An important condition is for the stores to be in one user account. Another important condition is that the products in the stores have a coinciding identifier (for example SKU). Before you use this app, you need to import the products you want because this app only synchronizes; it does not import products. 

If you have identical products in the two stores with identical SKU identifiers, the synchronization will happen at an event for a given product, not immediately. For example, if a product is purchased from store 1, in store 2 the quantity will be updated right away. If you change the quantity in store 2 (can also be done manually) the change will be reflected in store 1 immediately. 

How do I update the feed of my FB product catalog?

To update the feed link in your Facebook product catalog, you need to make sure that each of the following steps is performed correctly - see here

Why, during XML import, not all products did upload from the file?

Review the file for duplicated product identifiers. Often this is the reason for the import of fewer products.  

Is there an option for a product with a stock of 0 to hide automatically?

Yes, there is such a setting. It is located in My Store > Widgets > Product listing settings: 

When creating a category, I do not find a suitable definition from the drop-down menu. 

If you do not find a suitable category from the drop-down menu, this means that the category you want to add does not correspond to the niche of your online business, which you have set in the initial settings of your store. In this case, you can go to the section Settings > General settings and add another main niche. 

I can't upload more than 2500 products via an XML file. What should I do?

If you are on a Business plan, you have 2500 products included that you can import. You can buy an additional package here. With the Enterprise plan, there is no limit to the number of products that can be imported.

How do I generate an XML feed for a Google Ads ad?

With the Google Dynamic Ads app, you can create an XML product catalog according to Google's requirements. 

Can I use more than one XML file?

You can create more than one XML task, but you need to switch off the active one to create a second one. You can have only one active task. If you want to work with several tasks in parallel, please turn to some of our support agents. 

I have reached the limit for uploading products to Where can I buy an additional package from?

If you are on a Business plan, you have 2500 products that you can import. You can buy an additional package here. With the Enterprise plan, there is no limit to the number of products you will import in

How do I hide out-of-stock products from my store?

For a product not to be shown in your store, you need to mark it as out of stock and in the section, My Store > Widgets, tab Products > Product listing settings, turn off the option for showing out of stock products. 

Why does the Polycomp app import fewer products?

CloudCart calculates the number of products it processes from Polycomp regardless of whether they have the status ‘in stock’ / ‘out of stock’ / ‘on the way’ or any other status. In the app’s settings, there is an option to import products with a specific status and from here you can select all products or only those that are in stock. If you select only products that are in stock, only products with the status ‘in stock’ will be imported. We process 50 products from the entire Polycomp catalog, for example, but we choose from these 50 products only those that are marked with the status ‘in stock’, so it is likely that the imported products will be fewer than 50. The imported products will certainly be 50 if you select all products from the option to import products.