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About & Usage

Easily and in just a few clicks, the Google Sheets app allows you to renew a large mass of information in your CloudCart online store.

Google Sheets is really useful if you have multiple products and want to modify their inventory, description, prices, etc. in minutes. You can quickly make bulk changes to the prices, quantities, weight, or products’ names, shipping, track quantity, continue selling directly from Google sheets. 

Аll columns whose values you can change are colored in light pink in the sample table in the photo below.

This application can save you a lot of time. Instead of crawling all of your products manually to change their price, for example, you can easily do so by exporting all of your products to Google Sheet and making the desired changes to a selection of products or your entire catalog. The file with the exported products is always named CloudCart Products. 

You can take full advantage of the functionality of Google Sheets by using formulas, sorting, selecting only certain products, using filters, etc.


However, there are some things to keep in mind when working with the app.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES do not change the values of the Product ID and Variant ID. Also never change the name of the variety! This will cause errors and the information from your store will be synchronized incorrectly. 

In the photo below, these columns, which mustn't be changed, are colored red.

Аlso be careful when it comes to SKU and Barcode columns. Do not change the identifiers as this will affect synchronization with other applications if you have any. 

These columns are colored orange in the photo below.

You can rearrange the columns if you want to arrange the ones you want to make changes next to each other but NEVER rename the column headings

Note that rearranging the lines (sorting) of the file and then uploading it may break the integrity of the database and cause irreversible problems with the products, so be careful when making such changes.


1. Log into your admin panel, from the menu choose Apps > All apps.

2. Select Google sheets from the app list and install it and sign in with your Google account. 

3. You will see two sections - Settings and Tasks. Select Tasks and click on the Upload to Google Sheets button in the upper right corner of the screen to export your product catalog in Google Sheet where you can make bulk changes. Below you will see a message that your file is ready.

4. Click on the Open the spreadsheet in Google Sheets button to open the file you have created.

5. Once you've made your changes, just go back to your admin panel, and click on the Download from Google Sheets button in the upper right corner and the product catalog in your store will be updated immediately!

6. From the Settings tab you can see the spreadsheet ID and also open the file.

Google Sheets supports histories, so you have backups and you can revert anytime the modifications made in your catalog with no time limit. If for some reason you make wrong modifications and the information is synced incorrectly, you can easily revert a previous version by using the Google Sheets backup function (History).