The XML Feeds Generator application is an extremely useful tool and is intended for all merchants who have a large product range, have goods in stock, work with a distribution network and need various feeds to be updated and submitted in a short time interval. This app replaces the CloudCart XML Product Catalog application, but with added additional functionalities that maximally improve and facilitate the work of merchants.

The XML feed generator includes everything a merchant needs so that he can "feed" his reseller partners with up-to-date information on prices and product availability in his store.

In addition, with the XML Feed Generator, you can restrict the sharing of sensitive information, such as the availability (exact quantity) you have of a product. You can now set up your XML feed so that your partners only receive up-to-date information only about the status of the products (in stock/out of stock, etc.) without accurate information about the quantities you have in stock.

By default, the information on each XML feed is updated every 12 hours. However, you have the option to purchase the priority of the task (from the buttons in the upper right corner of the screen), which means that it will be executed with a certain percentage (%) priority over the other tasks. You can also shorten the time interval during which the task is performed (every 9 or 5 hours) instead of 12. This means that information to your partners will be submitted every 5 or 9 hours, depending on the package you choose.


1. To take advantage of the functionality of the XML Feed Generator application, log in to your admin panel, Applications > All Applications section, and select XML feeds Generator > Install.

2. За да създадете XML feed, натиснете бутона Създаване на нов XML feed

You can create One free XML feed containing up to 100 products. If you want to generate more than one feed and / or to contains a larger number of products, you need to purchase additional packages. The payment is on an annual basis.

3. In the window that opens, enter the name of your feed (you can use the name of the partner/distributor for whom it is intended). This will make it easier for you to navigate if you have more than one feed. The URL has entered automatically when the name is typed.

4. In the next field from the drop-down menu, select which products to include in this feed - these can be products only from specific categories, from specific manufacturers, products with specific tags, specific products to choose from, or all products from your store.

  • If your xml feed contains products from specific categories, you can add as many product categories as you want.

5. Password protect - if you enable this option, the information contained in the XML feed will be protected. It will not be traceable and can only be accessed after entering the appropriate username and password. If you choose to protect it, you must provide this information to the recipient, the partner for whom the XML is intended.

6. In the next section you can determine the price of the products contained in the specific feed. For example, if you want to give a lower or higher price to the partner for whom the XML feed is intended, you can do so by turning on the option from the ON / OFF button, select the type (percentage or fixed amount), and in the Value field enter the corresponding value. To reduce the price, you must enter a negative value, ie with a minus sign in front of the value "-15", and to increase the price of the products you enter only the number/value you want "15".

7. In this section you can add trackers (UTM parameters) to each product link so that you can track the information when a user on the other side (from the site where the feed is published) clicks.

8. Here are a few options you can turn on or off depending on what you want present in your XML:

  • Enable product quantity - if you enable this option, the XML feed will contain information about the exact product quantity you have in stock, if it is disabled, information will be provided only about product status (in stock /out of stock).
  • Enable product discounted price - with this option you choose whether to include the discounted price of a product when it participates in a campaign. If you enable this option and have reduced products in your store, then the next time the feed is regenerated, the reduced price will still be reflected and your partners will receive it.
  • Append hidden products - enable this option if you want the XML feed to contain hidden products from your store.
  • Append out-of-stock products - if the option is enabled, products that are not currently available will be added too.

9. When you are ready, save the settings from the Save button.

The XML feed is not generated in real time, it is necessary to wait a while. The CloudCart system works with queue tasks that run sequentially. When the time comes for your task to generate the xml feed, it will be generated and start transmitting information. It will be available to the users for whom it is intended.

From here you can copy the link of the XML feed and paste it into a browser to see it. If it is still being generated you will see that it is "in progress" and you have to wait until the generation is complete. Once it's ready, you can see it before sending it to your partners. It contains detailed information about the products you choose and their varieties.

When your feed is ready, you can see how many products it contains, how many downloads it has (how many times it has been read), when it was the last read by the other party, and when it was last generated.

You can delete an XML feed from Tools.

Once you've created your first free XML feed, you can purchase an additional package for more feeds to send to your partners, as well as increase your product limit.

Additional packages for XML feed:

Additional XML product packages:

This is all you need to know to set up and generate your XML product feed, through which you can easily submit the information that is updated at regular intervals (5/9/12 hours) to your partners/distributors.