CloudCart lets you apply your marketing skills and strategy, creating different types of Discounts. You can quickly create Promotional Discount Codes (Vouchers) for your customers who will shop even more with them. You can choose whether the discount is related to specific products, different categories, or the final amount of each order.

Containers or discounts with multiple promo codes are unique functionality by which you can increase your sales. You can also create promotional campaigns where you can generate many promotional codes. For example, if you create a container with a 30% discount and create promo codes with a 10% discount, you can reward some of your loyal customers with several promo codes, and they can use them when finalizing the order. 

Creating a discount with multiple promo codes:

1. Go to the Marketing > Discounts section and click the Add Discount button in the upper right corner of the page.
2.Choose Discount with multiple promo codes - Container.  

3. Discount Name - enter the name of the discount you are creating (The name is for internal use only and will not be visible to customers). 

4. In the Type Value field, enter what percentage discount you want to give to your customers with the promo codes you will create.  

5. At the Discount target select:

All discounts whose discount target is a product, product category, etc. are visualized as discounts on products. 
  • All orders: the discount with promo codes will be applied to all products in your store.   
  • Orders over: promo codes will only apply to orders whose value is above the minimum amount you enter in the blank field.  
  • Product: the discount will be successfully applied only to the selected products. 
  • Product category: you can select a specific category (one or more) from the drop-down menu. The discount will be applicable to products of the selected categories.  

Note that the discount will apply only if the selected category is the main category of the product (1st line). 

  • Product vendor: the promo codes will be applied to products of the selected vendors (manufacturers).  
  • Collection: the discount will apply to products from the selected collection/s.  
  • Category vendor: A combination of the previous two options. 

6. At Customer Groups, you can choose whether the discount will be active for all customers or only for specific customer groups that you have created in your store.  

7. On Regions you can choose for which countries and regions the Promo discount code will be active. Or you can turn on the Global option if you want the code to be active for all countries and/or regions you serve. See our help articles for working with geo zones and polygons.  

9. On the Date range you can choose the period during which the promo codes will be valid and applicable. It is mandatory to specify a start date by selecting it from the calendar. You have the option to specify an end date or leave the discount with the status No expiration. If you want to give your customers an additional discount even if there is already another discount applied, put a tick on the option "Apply discounts even if the cart contains products with a discount". See more here how different types of discounts are applied. 

 11. Click "Add Discount" to save the created discount type and its settings.  

12. Once you've created it, from the Promo code management button you can activate, deactivate or delete promo codes. As well as, copy them to give to your customers.

See how to create other types of discounts in this section of our Help Center.