In CloudCart there are two main groups of discounts. The first group, these are the discount that are applied directly to specific producs or groups of products. They are visible to customers directly or indirectly on the page of the product itself. These types of discounts are product catalog level discounts. This type of discounts does not require any additional action from the customer, these discounts are visible in the product listing. (Global , Fixed, Quantity discount, Buy X get Y, etc.)

The second group are cart level discounts. This means that at the cart level there will be options for applying the discounts that the customer has. (Discount with promo code, doscount with multiple promo codes, Countdown discount).

Product catalog level & Cart level discounts

Кeep in mind that when you create a discount, sometimes the system will take some time to reflect the discount on the customer side of your store. This is because creating a discount is a separate task that takes some time to complete (usually from a few seconds to a few minutes)

Example for product catalog level discount (Global Discount):

If you create another discount and you decide to turn off this one, you won't be able to activate it again until 10 minutes are passed.

This is because, as we mentioned, each discount you create is a separate job. As you know, the Cloudcart system works with queue JOBS, and turning on and off the discounts you just created, will retard the performing of other tasks that you have in your store. Therefore, you must wait about 10 minutes before activating an already deactivated discount. 

How they work

1. If you have two or more discounts from the same type, the system will apply the one with a higher value. Customers will see the products with the biggest discount you have activated in your store.  

2. In case you have created a product catalog level discount, such as the Global Discount, and create a discount with a promo code (cart level discount) applicable to the same products, then customers will be able to take advantage of both discounts. This is because the two types of discounts are different and work differently.  


As you can see in the image below, the price of the product has already been reduced because there is a global discount  

But after the customer enters the discount code at the checkout, the price is further reduced:

If you don't want to give your customer more than one discount you have to unselect the option that says "Apply discount even if the cart contains products with a discount" in the Date range section.

In this case, when а customer trying to use the promo code for an already reduced product with another discount, the system will display the following message:

The discount with a promo code won't be applied even if its value is greater than the value of the other discount that is already applied to the product. The rule for applying the bigger discount will not apply here, as the option for applying two discounts at the same time is excluded and these two types of discounts are not from the same group - one is cart level and the other is product catalog level discount. 

It is a very useful feature, especially if you have thousands of products and hundreds of promo codes or product level catalog discounts, with which you can control which discounts when to apply and under what conditions. In this way, you will prevent giving bigger discounts to customers than you have planned.  

See more information about the different types of discounts in this section of our Help Center.