With geo distances from point functionality, you can calculate distances and set your shipping prices based on this. Merchants, in turn, will also see the shipping cost based on their distance at the checkout.

In this section:

With this functionality, unlike polygons, you do not define the area in which you will deliver but choose a specific place/location (store, warehouse, etc.) from where you send your shipments, then create points/zones (eg if creating a 1km zone, a 2km zone, a 3km zone, this means you will be able to price based on the distance in kilometres). 

If you do not use integrated delivery methods (Econt, Speedy, etc.), but make your deliveries with your own transport and want to price according to the delivery address's distance, you may benefit from this functionality.

Create distances from point

To create a "distance from point" geo zone, go to Settings > Geozones > Geo Distances from point section and press the corresponding button in the upper right corner of your screen. Enter a name and the exact address from where you ship (warehouse, store etc). The distance will be calculated from this starting point you set. In the next field, enter the distance in meters.

Once you are done press the save button and proceed to create the next distance in the same way (for 2km, 3km, 4km etc.). 

With each kilometre, the radius expands. If the shipping address falls within this perimeter, the shipping cost will be calculated according to the pricing you set. However, if it does not fall within this perimeter, it means that the shipping couldn't be fulfilled with this delivery method. 

Note that to use "distances from point"  functionality you must have activated Google Maps API Key.

Add new zones based on the distances

Once you've created all the distances you want, go to the Geo Zones section > Add New Zone to create zones based on the distances from point you have

Enter a geo zone name (for internal use only) and select "includes only for distance from point distance" from the drop-down menu and then add the distances for every zone. 

Assign geo zone to a shipping method

Once you have created geo zones, you need to assign them to a shipping method so that the price can be calculated accordingly and later to be displayed in the checkout as a shipping option.

Go to Settings > Shipping > Add Shipping Method. 

In the settings window: 

  • enter the shipping method name 
  • turn off the "global" button in the "Shipping regions" section 
  • select the zone you want to include from the drop-down menu 
  • enter the shipping cost

Zone 2 km

Do the same with the rest of the zones you have (for 3,4, 5 km etc.) 

How does it look in the checkout?

This is how the created zones are visualized in the checkout when the entered shipping address falls within the perimeter designation:

In this case, the customer's shipping address falls within the 2 km zone, so he sees these two options:

If the address is in Zone 3 km, the customer will only see the delivery option for Zone 3 km: 

If the shipping address is outside this perimeter, delivery will not be possible. 

*If you have other shipping options enabled, e.g. integrated methods (Speedy, Econt), then they will appear as an option.