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The Campaigns > Subscribers menu contains information about all your subscribers:

  • Name - customer's names, number of completed orders, revenue;
  • Subscriber type - customer or subscriber. A subscriber is any user who has subscribed to your store but has not yet placed an order;
  • Communication channels - Email, Viber, SMS, phone number. If the relevant icon is green, then the information is verified, if it is red, it is not;
  • Country
  • Subscription date
  • Last active on- the date on which the user has been last active;
  • Accepts marketing - whether the subscriber accepts or not marketing messages. Here you have a button from which you can turn on/off this option. If we say the marketing messages you send, for some reason, are not delivered and do not reach the subscriber, you can turn off the option for this subscriber so that you do not increase your Bounce Rate;
  • Segments- you have information in how many segments the subscriber is included;
  • Subscribed by - This column contains information about where each subscriber comes from. Whether he was imported or subscribed through a form that you put on your site, subscribed during checkout, etc.;
  • Log - here, you can see the changes/ history/ events related to each subscriber;
  • Delete - from the "X" button you can delete a subscriber. After reloading the page, the record will be deleted;

Filters - you can filter your subscriber list according to different criteria:

Tools - select the subscribers for whom you want to apply a specific action, and from the Tools button, select one of the following:

Importing subscribers

1. From the importing button in the upper right corner of the screen, you can import your subscriber list. It must be in CSV format. 

Important: At the end of the article, a CSV template is attached, which will make it easy for you to smoothly import the subscribers.

 2. CSV file settings 

  • Check this if your file has a header line explaining the columns - you can enable it from the corresponding button.
  • Choose the tags that you wish to set on each item  - you can add tags for all subscribers you import. For example, you can use tags to distinguish subscribers you have imported from different lists. As a tag, you can put the list name from which you imported contacts or date, etc. You can then use these tags to create different segments later. 

Importing is a process that takes some time. After starting it, you need to wait until all your subscribers and information are transferred.


3. Settings

From the "Settings" button in the upper right corner of the screen, you can choose whether to comply with GDPR regulations by activating the button. Enabled option means that all subscribers who have not accepted to receive marketing when ordering will be marked as "does not accept marketing" and they will not receive such messages in the future. If you disable it, all subscribers on your subscriber list will receive your marketing messages.

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