AI tool for identifying each person

What distinguishes CloudCart campaigns from other marketing automation platforms is the ability to identify not just devices or sessions, but real people. Thanks to the AI tool and complex algorithms, CloudCart campaigns can define various profiles, subscribers and devices and bring them together into the so-called persona. This will shorten your segmentation lists. You will no longer send the same message repeatedly to someone. This is crucial for good communication with your potential and current customers. Your campaigns will be better targeted and effective without unnecessary spam.

What is a persona, and how is it identified by a CloudCart AI tool?

In online commerce, a "persona" is a real person who can use different devices, have different profiles, data, etc. The persona is neither a device nor a session, email or a specific customer record.

To identify a persona, CloudCart algorithms consider users' behaviour and all the information collected is combined to create that persona.

Some of the key elements that are taken into account when identifying a persona are:

  • Email address- The email address is a universal user ID. However, users often use more than one email when logging into different sites. CloudCart takes into account all the information available to that user and subsequently identifies it as a personа.
  • Phone number- This identifier is considered to be the most resistant as users usually do not often change their phone numbers.
  • UUID (Unique User ID) - When a user has opened a CloudCart store, our infrastructure gives him a unique ID based on his device. This identifier does not change. It includes information about the browser, processor, manufacturer, and model and some additional identifiers on the device itself. Those UUIDs are recorded into the browser as a cookie but also at the local storage of the browser. So even if the user deletes the cookie, we can still be able to identify that device.
  • URL - The connection between all these three different points. The link we consider may be the one that the customer followed in an email or Viber message you sent him.

All events listed are traced and united in one person. As soon as CloudCart campaigns are up and running on your website, it has that algorithm for identifying personae. 

Once you have this valuable information and can identify any user, the spam you send will be minimized. This is crucial for your company's reputation and communication with your customers. Thus, if a user performs a certain action as a purchase or viewing of products on your site from his business computer, then from his personal laptop or phone, it will be identified as one persona and will not receive three identical emails as he would receive If you use another type of email marketing software instead of CloudCart Campaigns.

An identified person may have or may be:

1. Several devices

2. Several subscribers

3. Several customers

The user profile who is identified as a persona is updated with the latest email and phone number he has used. When sending campaigns, they are taken into account.

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