The number of views generated by your site users allows you to create a segment based on different conditions that will help you better target your marketing campaigns. 

The behaviour of all users, even those who are not identified as subscribers, is traced. As soon as a user becomes your subscriber, you get access to all its information.

Segmentation based on views can be done based on views on specific pages from your website - a category, landing page, product or vendor.

View category

1. You can select a specific category and category view date. You can also choose a specific date before or after that date.

2. As an additional condition to the viewed category, you can also add the time when the category has been viewed:

  • The category is viewed "more than" hours/days.
  • The category is viewed "in the last" hours/days.

3. When selecting a specific category, you can also add an additional condition for the number of views for this category. You can select from the drop-down menu as follows: exactly, no equal to, less than, more than.

View page

You can choose specific landing pages that have been viewed and filter customers according to these criteria. How to create a landing page read here

You can add an additional conditions for the viewed landing pages: date, page views, and view page before/after days/hours.

View product

The segmentation according to viewed products is done by specifying products:

You can additionally add more conditions: view product amount, average price, product category, view date, view product before/after days, price, quantity, product tag, etc.

Important! Note that when you add a product category condition, if there are subcategories to the category you selected, the products in that subcategory will not be included in the condition.

Only the final category you select is included in the condition. If there are no related products, then this condition will not work accordingly.

View vendor

You can also filter based on specific vendors:

You can also add a view date, number of views, and when the vendor has been viewed - more than or in the last hours/days. 

See also other ways of segmentation in this section of our Help Center.