Subscriber level segmentation gives you many options for filtering customers by various criteria such as country, subscription date, subscribed before/after days, browser, tags, a channel of subscription, the form of which the user is subscribed, the device type, operating system, opening/clicking rate, activity status and whether the subscriber is only a subscriber or a customer with placed orders.

You can also create segments to send relevant messages to users who have subscribed to receive notifications when a product that was out of stock becomes available again. You can read more about this option here.

Segmentation according to the state

You have the option to filter subscribers by country. You can choose whether a user is "IS" or "IS NOT" from one or more countries. For example, you can choose to segment all users from the UK or Bulgaria.

Adding an additional condition - you can add an additional condition to the country, in this case, a specific city, from the corresponding button.

The cities that are displayed in the drop-down menu are the cities that your customers have specified when ordering and subscribing.

When creating your segments, you can combine all possible filters to achieve your goals. For example, you can select the "Abandoned Cart" at cart level and combine it with the user type (subscriber or customer) at Subscribers level.

Subscription date

You can filter subscribers by the date they subscribed. This can be "IS" or "IS Not" the exact date, before or after a certain date.

Subscribed before/after days

You can filter subscribers according to whether they have subscribed more than or in the last .... days, hours or minutes.

In the same way, you can create different combinations with other filters at the "Subscribers" level.

See also other ways of segmentation in this section of our Help Center.