Segmentation is a technique by which you can divide your customer base into subgroups based on certain criteria. Then, target your marketing campaigns to each subgroup with different strategies to get the most out of both high-profit and low-profit customers.

If you apply a "universal" marketing approach, without complying with the various criteria that differentiate consumers, then even the smartest strategy may not bring the desired results for your business. The segments will help you do much better targeted marketing campaigns with excellent performance.

Based on different criteria, such as users who have visited your website and have viewed several products in a given category for example, but have not made a purchase can be separated as a segment and subsequently offer them the right offers, etc. Once created, your list of segments will be applied to any user who has some interaction with your website.

The segments are in the Marketing Section > Campaigns > Segments.

To add a segment use the corresponding button. You also have a keyword search tape as well as an option for filtered search.

As you can see in the photo below, we already have three segments here. The green teak shows that they are active. The first segment is for users who have subscribed to a specific subscription form, the second is for users whose orders include one of the two mentioned products and the third segment is for consumers who have viewed products in the last two days, more than 3 times. The names of the segments are compiled according to the criteria you set.

If you want to edit a segment, you just need to click on it and a side panel will open, where you can change the criteria.

A segment that is active and participated in a campaign cannot be deleted.

In addition, for each segment you have information on how many people meet these criteria, how many campaigns are directed to this segment, as well as the last generation (update) of the segment.

You can click on the number of people that a segment contains and see detailed information for each user in this segment.

From the log button, you can see any changes related to this segment - add/remove contacts, contact information in this segment, and more.

The subscribers'  list of each segment is dynamic and every time an event or action occurs in your store, a subscriber can be removed from one list added to another, etc. In the LOG, you can follow this information.

See how to segment your customers here.