Digital marketing in eCommerce can be automated and improved through AI (artificial intelligence). CloudCart Campaigns was created namely to answer the industry needs. The service allows you to easily manage your digital marketing activities from one place - the admin panel of your eStore.

With CloudCart Campaigns you can send offers based on user actions through different communication channels such as Viber, Email and SMS. In the future, more communication channels such as Webpush and Messenger notifications will be included, so that you can find and communicate with your customers even more easily. Below you will find out why and how you can improve your marketing campaigns with CloudCart Campaigns. 

CloudCart Campaigns is built directly into your CloudCart store 

CloudCart Campaigns is a modular, web-based platform - all events, customers and subscribers are located in one place in the same database. This means that you do not have to transfer data from one software to another, you do not have to make integrations, transfer events or install third-party apps. You can directly create lists called "segments" based on different types of filters and configure the communication channel you want. At the same time, with the easy-to-use pop-up builder, you can create subscription forms.  

CloudCart Campaigns has an AI tool to identify each Persona

What sets CloudCart Campaigns apart from the other marketing automation platforms on the market is that it has the ability to identify not just devices and sessions, but real people. Thanks to advanced algorithms, CloudCart Campaigns can determine different accounts, subscribers, and devices and unite them in the so-called "persona." This will shorten your segmented subscriber lists. You will no longer send the same message to one subscriber over and over again, which is key for good communication with your potential and current customers. This way, your campaigns will be more targeted and effective, without unnecessary spam. 

CloudCart Campaigns has many built-in tools 

  • Campaign Builder: with the easy-to-use web-based campaign builder you can build your campaigns where you have actions and conditions which you can choose from depending on the open rate/percentage or read email, for example. Based on such events, your campaigns will be extremely relevant. 
  • Pop-up Builder: with the web-based pop-up builder you can easily create pop-up subscription forms, notifications, and announcements in the whole store. 
  • Email Builder: you can create your email messages. 
  • Automated marketing workflowswith them, you can create different workflows for different scenarios. 
  • Segmentation tool: you can create different segments for different scenarios. You can, for example, segment customers who have made a purchase in the last seven days and this purchase is delivered and ask them for a product review. 

With CloudCart Campaigns, it is easy to create your marketing campaigns - you do not need, integrations, third-party apps, configuration or third-party code.