The Membership app is especially suitable for a wide range of specialists who provide business consulting services, namely lawyers, accountants, marketing specialists, experts in the field of labor relations and others. With the help of the app you can multiply your customer base and significantly increase your revenue by selling your expertise in the form of online courses and training.

Every customer who has paid has access to your digital resources for a certain period of time. You could reach many more businesses online because you are not limited in time and space, but at the same time attract new customers to the office.

In this section

Step 1 - Shoot your seminars/training and create a paid page

Once you've prepared the outline of the online course (seminar or training), it's time to shoot videos for it and prepare the other supporting materials. Pay special attention to the quality of the captured material. Today, consumers can choose from a wide variety of online learning platforms, both free and paid, so they have high quality criteria. To establish yourself in this highly competitive market, you need to offer them an excellent product. 

So, once you have professional videos and other presentation materials, you can easily upload them to your CloudCart site. First, you need to install the Membership app from the Apps section of the admin panel of your store, then create a paid access page that will house your video (s) or another digital resource. 

Go to the Marketing > Landing Pages section and click the Add new page button in the upper right corner of the page.  

In the side panel that opens, you can use the Drag & Drop Page Builder or Regular page. Click on the option that is appropriate for your case. 

If you have selected Drag & Drop Page Builder, from the Private page drop-down menu select Yes and create your page.

If you are creating a regular page, enable the Private page button at the top of the screen and enter the desired content.  The paid access page will only be available to customers who have paid for the product. Otherwise, it will not open even with a direct link.

Step 2 - Configuring a digital product

 Once you have created your paid page it is time to configure a digital product and select the page you have created earlier. 

  • Go to the Products > Products section and clicking the Add product button. 
  • Enter the information about the product and in the Product configuration section from the drop-down menu select the product type - Digital.

  • In the next step, from the menu that will appear select the type of digital product - Pages.

  • Select pages - from here you can select the page(s) your customers will have access to after paying for the product
  • Access days- fill in the number of days from the date of purchase for which you give access to this product
    If 0 is entered in the access days field or it is left blank, the access period will be unlimited.

Step 3 - Decide What You will Charge

Take time to answer the question "How much should I charge for my products? ". There is no right answer. As an entrepreneur, you must decide for yourself, given the specifics of the services and the products you offer. Do the necessary research.

Remember! When setting the prices of your digital products, do not sell your products and services too cheaply! This devalues your work and in the eyes of potential customers it will seem as if your consulting services do not cost much and are not valuable enough.

Email template for receiving access to pages

Along with the app, in the section Marketing > Omnichannel > Email templates a new email template will be installed - Send access to pages. With this email template a notification is sent to give access to the pages of a purchased workouts. The customer will receive an email with links to one or more pages as soon as he pays the respective digital product, as well as information on how long he has access to the links.   

You are able to edit the text and design of the template to best suit your needs and preferences.  The template includes a new variable {$pages} that contains a link to the content you give your customers access.

With the Membership app, you have access to a new menu in the Orders section - Subscriptions You can add additional days, i.e. extend the access to certain pages from the Add days button.

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