The Membership app lets you trade online in a whole new way. It creates a membership area where you can sell digital content. Your customers can purchase access to a course, video or other digital resource for a specific period of time. This functionality allows you to reach even more consumers by selling digital products on a subscription basis.

In this article:

Installing the app

To install the app, log in to the admin panel, go to the Apps > All apps section and click the Buy button. 

This app requires payment on an annual basis. You can take advantage of a 7-day free trial.

After installing the Membership app, you will be redirected to the page with all installed apps and the app itself will be present in the list. In addition, you will have access to additional features in the Marketing, Products and Orders sections.

Creating a paid page

1. To create a paid content product, you must first create a paid access page.  Go to the Marketing > Landing Pages section and click the Add new page button in the upper right corner of the page. 

2. In the side panel that opens, you can use the Drag & Drop Page Builder or Regular page. Click on the option that is appropriate for your case. 

3. If you have selected Drag & Drop Page Builder, from the Private page drop-down menu select Yes and create your page. 

If you are creating a static page, enable the Private page button at the top of the screen and enter the desired content. 

The icon below shows that this is a paid access page:

The paid access page will only be available to customers who have paid for the product. Otherwise, it will not open even with a direct link. When you try to open it, the following message will appear:

Configuring a digital product

1. Create a new digital product by going to the Products > Products section and clicking the Add product button. 

2. Enter the information about the product and in the Product configuration section from the drop-down menu select the product type - Digital.

3. In the next step, from the menu that will appear select the type of digital product - Pages

  • Select pages - from here you can select the page(s) your customers will have access to after paying for the product
  • Access days - fill in the number of days from the date of purchase for which you give access to this product

If 0 is entered in the access days field or it is left blank, the access period will be unlimited. 

Email template for receiving access to pages

Along with the app, in the section Marketing > Omnichannel > Email templates a new email template will be installed - Send access to pages. With this email template a notification is sent to give access to the pages of a purchased product. The customer will receive an email with links to one or more pages as soon as he pays the respective digital product, as well as information on how long he has access to the links.   

You have the ability to edit the text and design of the template to best suit your needs and preferences.  The template includes a new variable {$pages} that contains a link to the content you give your customers access. 

New Subscriptions menu

With the Membership app, you have access to a new menu in the Orders section - Subscriptions

The Subscriptions menu contains information about the client name, the purchased digital product, the names of the pages the customer has access to, until what date they are active and what is their status - active or not. Because the product is digital, the client name is not mandatory.

You can add additional days, i.e. extend the access to certain pages from the Add days button. 

You can also filter subscriptions by a customer, product, page, date of activity or status, as well as sort them by date - ascending or descending order.

The Membership app gives you a new way to sell products in the digital world. Thanks to it, you can now sell not only digital files but also access to digital resources.