In this article, we will check out how to translate and localize your product catalog automatically. E.g. if you have another store, copied from your original one, that is in another language, you need to translate your entire product catalog, which can sometimes be quite time consuming.

To automate this process, you must first do a few things:

1. First, make sure that your entire product catalog, all your products are copied from your original store to your brand new language version of your business.  

2. The next thing is to go to the Apps section of your admin panel, All Apps > Google Sheets. Once you have installed it, you have to connect it with your Google profile and you will be redirected to that page:

3. Choose the Tasks tab and press the Upload to Google Sheets button. This will initiate a job that will upload all your products directly into a Google sheet.

4. Once it's ready, open that spreadsheet from the corresponding button:

5. After you open the table you will see which columns need to be translated. This can be just one column or several. Most often these are the columns with the product name, description, or short description. To translate the desired column you need to create another additional column next to it. 

In the first row of it, you have to type the following thing: open a bracket and specify the line you want to be translated, in our case it's E2 (specify it by selecting it), then put a comma, and enter the abbreviation of the source language in quotes and the target language you want to translate your catalog to it also in quotes.  Then close the brackets. 

It should look like this, but with your source and target language:

=GOOGLETRANSLATE(E2, "bg", "en")

Once you have entered this information in the first row of your newly created column, the text in this first row will be translated into the target language. To translate all the information in the other rows below, you just need to double-click in the right corner of the first row of the new column.    

This will load all the texts you need to translate into the target language, absolutely automatically. 

All the texts now have been successfully translated:

6. Once all the information has been translated, copy the column name of the source language and paste it into the header of the new column into the target language. Then select and copy the new column, and paste it in place of the old one using the right mouse button, > Paste special > Paste values only. That will paste only the values, only the texts. 

7. Аfter placing the column in place of the old one, you can delete the working column. You won´t need it anymore (the F column in our case).

8. You are free to correct the translated texts if you want to change something. Once you are done, get back to the admin panel of your store and press the button Download from Google Sheets. It will upload all the products from Google Sheets and update them into your store. Your entire product catalog will be automatically translated into the target language.

In the Products section you can check how your translated products look like:

9. The only thing you need to do manually is the translation of the categories and the variants. But these are just a few words, the big work is already done automatically thanks to the integration of Google Sheets in your CloudCart store.

Take a look of the other possibilities you have with Google Sheets. You can localize your product catalog automatically via the Multilingual store app as well.