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How do I transfer my existing domain to CloudCart? 

Detailed information on how to add an existing domain can be found here - Add and manage a primary domain. The domain must be directed to IP address Then you need to follow the steps described in the article.  

I have SSL and a domain, how to use them for my Cloudcart store? 

In case you have difficulty adding the SSL you already have, you can purchase SSL from CloudCart and follow the simplified procedure: Installing Let's Encrypt SSL on CloudCart

Important: If you decide to purchase a certificate from us, this must happen before adding your domain, as you cannot make a card payment from an insecure site (a site without SSL). 

How do I activate an SSL certificate purchased from another provider? 

If you have already purchased an SSL certificate for the primary domain in your store, go to Settings > Domains and click Manage SSL. For detailed information, see our help article Add an SSL certificate to an existing domain.  

How do I renew my domain purchased from CloudCart? 

In the section Settings > Domains about 30 days before the expiration date of a domain, a button "Renew" is displayed, from where you can renew its validity.