CloudCart is always looking to the future! In this particular case, the future is the automation of the free SSL certificate known as "Let's Encrypt".

In this section:

Let's Encrypt (LE) is a free SSL Certificate, which can be used as an alternative to the traditional annually-paid SSL. Thanks to our advanced technical staff, installing the application is now only a few mice clicks away!

How to install Let's Encrypt

1.  Go into your control panel, from the menu choose Settings > Domains > Manage SSL
2.  Afterward, please fill in the blank fields and click on Automatic install
3.  Then enter your invoice and payment details and click on the Add button.

Even though the Let's Encrypt service is a free one, the main disadvantage is that it needs to be renewed every 90 days manually. We were able to bypass that with the automation, which is the only paid fraction of the App.

What to do in case of an Unsecured Connection message?

If for some reason you see that your connection is not secure, even though you have set "Automatic certificate renewal" and see the following message when you try to access your online store, it does not mean that your site is not working. You just need to "reset" the auto-renew feature described below to make the connection secure again.

1. Log in to your admin panel, from the menu select Settings > Domains > Manage SSL

2. If you have more than one domain, select the primary one you are using and click the Manage SSL button.

3. The certificate information will open in a new window. Click the "Remove" button in the upper right corner and confirm your choice.

4. After removing the SSL, click the Automatic Install button in the upper right corner of the new window that will open.

That is all! Your SSL certificate has already been renewed. 

The application of the certificate takes some time - sometimes from 5 minutes up to a maximum of 2 hours.

Please don't hesitate to check our Domain & SSL Section for more information on the matter.